Field Trip Photography

Yesterday my Imaging class took a field trip to a few areas around Detroit.

There were a good deal of kids going, and it was actually really interesting and different being on sort of a large "group shoot" with that many other photographers.


We ended up going to The Belle Isle Conservatory, The Heidelberg Project, and Eastern Market.

Out of those three, my favorite location was by far the Belle Isle Conservatory. I didn't end up taking that many pictures of the plants there, but the morning sun catching the glass ceilings and the architecture's interesting lines really caught my eye and I ended up shooting a lot of it.

Those images ended up flowing together pretty well in a way I felt deserved to be called a "miniseries." So I decided to post it here so that it was easier to view it and look at the series as a whole. Here it is as follows;

All in all, I had an enjoyable time. I'd never actually been to these Detroit locations before and I actually had a really great time photographing the conservatory on Belle Isle. There are a couple of images from there that I think will find themselves in my favorites for awhile to come. 

Until next time guys - Never stop shooting.