Meta v2.0 - Geometric Hosting

Well folks, I've come to the conclusion that I will never be happy with my website. Once again I've made a giant overhaul to how the site looks and functions, and I feel it's a large enough update to herald a whole 'point update'. This is MBS-P-B v2.0 - welcome to the new site.


- A new breed of geometric hosting
We are now on Squarespace! I switched hosts for a variety of reasons, but mostly because of Squarespace's amazing template designs that I've been envying ever since I started desiging my website. The site is laid out mostly the same but has been dropped into the Bedford template which I think is just purely gorgeous, and I hope you guys enjoy the clean minimal page layouts and large image headers.

- A new view on reading
I updated the typefonts once again now that I have access to more high quality font families without having to do any backend to get them to work. The main site font is now Minion Pro, while the headers are Proxima Nova Light. These fonts should look good on any size monitor and scale properly here in Squarespace, and hopefully some of the typefont issues I had heard about from the last update are gone.

-A new landing destination for the user
When loading up the site from the root link "" you will now be taken directly to the blog page, which I have set to be the homepage on my new site. I did this because I'll be blogging a lot more in the coming months especially once summer hits, and I want to try and focus on growing my readership as well. Having the blog shift to be the main center of the site works for me there, and it makes it easier for you guys to enjoy the new posts.

-A new and refreshed dedication to quality
Across the board I want this site to just ooze quality and class. I'm trying to grow professionally as a writer, blogger, and photographer and so a major part of that for me is making sure that my content, be it photos or writing, is presented in a visually pleasing and comprehensive way. This update marks a major step in that direction and I hope to continue pushing forward as time goes on.


Thanks all for your continued support, and thank you for coming on this creative journey with me. I'll try my absolute best to keep putting out quality content and making the site even better.