It's finally here.

After a long year of schooling; summer has finally, mercifully, arrived. 

I know I've been posting a little less recently. I think this has been in part to being busier towards the end of this last semester with studying, projects and the like, and partly because I've been in a little bit of a dry spell photographically. Not as many ideas for shots have been popping out at me, I haven't made time to go shoot street, and all in all it's just been a bit of a stagnant period for me.

Eric Kim snapped me out of this daze a few days ago when he started his "Saigon Diary" series over on his blog where he writes about his current trip to Vietnam. He blogs about his experineces there, the shots he's taking on a daily basis, and all his usual great street photography content. His posts really inspired me to start getting out and shooting street photography again, and to really try and go to differing locales around me in order so that I'm really paying attention to my surroundings and examining the environment for new things. 

In order to start shooting and posting more, I've decided that starting this next week (the first week of summer) I'm going to start going on a minimum of two street shoots a week. I think by shooting that much, I should be able to reinvigorate myself creatively, really start cranking out blog posts on all sorts of stuff, and all in all just bring a lot more quality content to this site.

Other than that, I'm basically just going to be saving towards the Fuji X100 that I want to buy. It's really diffucult, because every time I read or hear or even *think* about one I just want to buy one even more, but at the same time I like spending my money on dinners and dates for my girlfriend. It's a struggle, but I think if I don't spend too much I can probably have enough for the Fuji in another 3-5 weeks. 

I hope all of you have been doing well, and I think this summer's gonna be a lot of fun.

Keep shooting,