Day One with Fuji

Yesterday I got my Fujifilm X100s in the mail.

After fiddling with the settings for an hour or so and getting things set up somewhat similarly to what I was used to on my Pentax Q, I headed out to shoot some test shots. It was already starting to get late in the evening then, and so I got some decent shots in the golden hour, and then experimented a bit with the low light performance of the camera.

During the golden hour I stopped by the theater/café where I work to try out taking some shots of cars, the building, and the usual hipster-y "Look at my drink in this cup, ooh isn't it posh and fancy" shots. I took a few, but really ended up liking the car shots the best of the bunch. 

One of the biggest differences that stands out to me from my little Pentax Q is the depth of field the Fuji produces. Creamy.

Just look at my iPhone, all swirly and out of focus. It's such a dramatic difference from my Pentax that I think it'll be awhile before I really become accustomed to it and know how to use it properly in my photography. Until then I'll try to lay off the really heavy depth of field look.

Saw a Mercedes SLK 250 which I recognized from Andrew Kim's post about it on his blog. I've been starting to recognize more car models recently, which is something new for me. 

I also saw a BMW which I didnt recognize the model of, but this next shot of it was my favorite photograph of the night.

I really like how the sky's color is reflected in the car's hood and how the color gradient fades into the dark black of the paint. Also the depth of field is just so enticing to me as someone who has yearned after it for over a year now. To finally be able to make shots that have some in them is just so cool.

After that I walked home through some nearby suburbs and tested out the low light performance of the camera. It surprised me just how well this little thing handles in almost pitch black at ISO 1600/3200. I didn't end up keeping any of these shots as I dont really do shots of hum-drum residential houses usually, but suffice to say the camera performed admirably. 

I'm still having to get used to the camera quite a bit. I've gotten the controls down pretty quickly, but it'll be a little while before I've committed them to muscle memory. I've also examined the menus fully, and pretty much gotten my desired settings down pat.

The one thing that I really am having a little diffuculty with right now is the camera's metering. I like to shoot in aperture priortity most of the time, and so I leave the shutter speed and sometimes the ISO up to the camera to decide. The thing with the Fuji is, it seems to meter much differently than my Pentax Q did. I can't quite put my finger on what it does differently ( I may write a follow-up post on the metering in a week or two) but it's different enough that it's the main thing I'm struggling with right now.

Other than those few things, the camera works a treat. I've really enjoyed using a real viewfinder and being able to switch between the exact display of the EVF and the speedy display of the OVF is really a versatile setup. I can use the OVF for street photography and then the EVF for when I want to fine-tune the image's compostion, focus, or exposure. Like I do for most of my lifestyle shots. 

I'm going on a trip to Northern Michigan soon, and so it'll be a fun chance to get more acclimated to the camera and start to get used to how it works and shoots. I'm really enjoying it so far, and I'm sure you guys will hear more about it in the other posts I have planned for the coming weeks. 

Never stop shooting,