Ben Brook's Portable Cable-Management

Ben writes:

"Everything option out there is just odd. It’s like a clear glass desk — as I have written before — they look fabulous, but they suck in practice. Likewise, every case is too big, too small, or too poorly designed, but most look cool.

I also use a small bag most of the time, but need to scale up to larger sized bags when I travel. I am a mess. I am all over the place. And because of this I have amassed a large collection of cable carrying things.

I figured why not take a look at all of them."

I love when Ben writes in-depth pieces like this on just about anything. Photo editing solutions, camera gear, weekend travel bags, or in this piece's case; portable cable manangement.

Ben has managed to collect quite a few different options as far as little-carrying-bags go, and this piece seems to serve as a pretty good introduction into what's out there. Complete with a Field Notes for scale and everything. There's something about nerdy-bag pieces that manages to captivate me every time, and this piece certainly scratches that itch.

It also makes me glad that my portable cable situation looks like this every day:


One lightning cable to charge my iPhone and iPad, one micro-usb to charge my earbuds or portable battery if the need arises, and that's all. I might not always be able to work quite as simply, but for now it sure is nice.