Making A Stand

While I was vaguely aware of this past week's Marco Arment drama, I didn't pay all that much attention and treated it as I thought it was - just this week's latest internet drama.

That assumption is true in some respects, but a couple of well-written pieces from both Matt Gemmell and Ben Brooks have convinced me otherwise. I'd seen little bits and pieces of Samantha Bielefeld's plight with Marco, but hadn't put them - along with the context of some seriously snarky tweets from Arment & Co. - all together like Ben and Matt have.

Now that I've read their pieces and seen it all in context, I feel appalled at what's taken place. I've been a fan of Marco and his work - I suppose I still am for the time being - but both his own and his supporter's comments towards Samantha have been nothing short of terrible. And whether he wants to take responsibility for the hellstorm he effectively called down upon her, he ought to at least let those who look up to him and follow his sentiments know that what they've done here is not alright.

I wish I'd been more tuned-in to the situation earlier, and that I'd gotten to throw my voice behind Samantha sooner than I am here. For now, I'd like to take the same stand that Ben and Matt have - Marco's conduct here was wrong. Wrong for an Internet figure of his stature, wrong for a fellow blogger, and wrong for a fellow human being. I hope he does something to at least try and right that.