Álvaro Serrano's Capture Clip Review for Tools & Toys

I didn't even realize that this would be the second time today that Álvaro would be featured on mbs-p-b, but here we are.

When I first saw Tools and Toy's tweet about this review pop up in my Twitter timeline, I'll admit I thought it looked a little... well... dorky.

I personally couldn't picture myself wearing my camera on my hip, but after reading Álvaro's excellent writing on the 'Clip he's successfully changed my mind. This thing sounds pretty darn useful.

I think if I were to buy such a device it would end up being used to secure my camera to the outside of my bag. Álvaro makes a great point in his review when he mentions that it's a pain to either to be trying to juggle everything in your only two hands, or to be constantly taking your camera in and out of your bag. The Capture Clip mounted to a messenger or camera bag's strap seems like it would largely solve that problem.

I'll definitely be keeping my eye on this for future camera-accessory-pickups.