Apple TV Remote Stand – Studio Neat

A smaller event in the Apple-goings-on took place today with the launch of the new 4th Generation Apple TV. People could order them as of this morning, and they'll be at people's doors early in the following week - with free shipping to boot.

Not a bad deal, and the Apple TV is definitely an exciting product for a good many people - I'm just not one of them. I did find myself a little tempted by it's cool new remote and UI - along with the potential for interesting 3rd party apps in the future - but in the end I can't justify the purchase. You'll catch me watching YouTube and Netflix on my iPad every couple of days, but the days where I sit down in front of an actual TV are seldom. And I just can't justify spending the money right now on what would be a very un-needed toy in my life.

With that all being said, if I were to purchase a new Apple TV - either now or in the future - an instant-buy alongside it would be the above-linked Studio Neat remote stand. A simple little block of milled walnut with some space-age miniature suction cups on the bottom - and cheap to boot - the Remote Stand looks great. And while I don't own any Studio Neat products yet I've been searching for an opportunity to do so for awhile. If I ever end up picking up Apple's new set-top box, then Studio Neat's delightful stand will surely follow.