Turning the iPhone 6s Into a Digital Scale

A few days ago I saw a short gif on Twitter of the iPhone 6s' pressure sensitive screen being used to weigh several different pears, similarly to a digital scale, but somewhat crudely. After seeing that I had - what I thought was - an interesting idea; that maybe the iPhone 6s might make a great little pocket scale if someone could make the right app. I'm no developer, and wouldn't know where to start with such a project.

But thankfully I wasn't the only one who had the idea.

Today I read this great piece on Medium about Ryan McLeod and some other brilliant devs efforts to turn the 6s into a comprehensive digital scale using nothing but the phone itself, the app, and a common household spoon.

While not completely accurate down to the individual gram, the app seems amazingly functional, and I can imagine it being a great experience to pull out my iPhone in the morning to weigh out the day's cup of coffee. Unfortunately the app seems stuck in Apple's app review process for yet unknown reasons, but I'm hoping the developers will be able to see it through to release at some point - it looks like it has the potential to be incredibly useful.