Josh Ginter's Ideal Workspace

Like I was hoping might happen when I wrote my own piece on the Ideal Workspace last week, somebody else has since picked up the idea like I did and written their own take on it - that person being my friend Josh Ginter over at The Newsprint.

Josh writes:

"Most of all, I want this to be my office. When I’m in this room, it’s time to work, to imagine, to discover, and to learn. When it’s time for bed, or when it’s time to head out to visit family, my work and discovery will be left behind in this room. When I walk out the door, it’s time for leisure. When I walk through the door, it’s time to create, to work, and to analyze.

In fact, that would be the single goal of my room: to compartmentalize. I want to associate my room with progress. Inside this room — the only 750 square feet I can truly call my own — I imagine creating my life’s work. Whatever that work is."

There's a bunch of neat little details all throughout the piece, and just like when reading through Shawn Blanc's original piece and then writing my own, the little bits that make up someone's ideal space really can tell you a lot about them and where they are in life. It's a lot of fun to read through, and I enjoyed Josh's take immensely.

All this, and that whenever there are replying pieces around the circle of blogs I follow it's a ton of fun to read along. I hope you guys feel the same.