Catching Up On Some Links

Hey all,

At the tail end of last week I had a handful of links build up waiting to be put up on the blog. Normally I would have linked to them each individually over a couple days, but the weekend passed and through a combination of my own laziness, busy-ness, and the deceptive satisfaction that comes after a big piece gets published, I was lulled into complacency several times over. I didn't write about them when I wanted to (and probably should have.)

So rather than just leave them behind and miss out on linking to some cool things, I thought I'd throw them all together into an informal "catching up" post and then start fresh this Monday. We'll see how it goes.

Anyway here they are - some links almost lost to time.

  • Introducing Membership — Samantha Bielefeld - First off, at the beginning of last week fellow writer Samantha Bielefeld launched her membership program - which will help her be able to write more and provide more content to readers going forward. Samantha's writing has grown more and more on me over the past several months, and so I didn't hesitate to support her when I had the chance. Ideally in the future I'll get to launch some sort of support effort myself and take on my writing as more of a career, so I care deeply about helping others do the same. If you at all value some of your favorite writers' work, try and help them out in a way that feels appropriate to you.

  • A Visit to the Field Notes Brand Headquarters — Tools and Toys - Next up is my second Field Notes piece to go live on Tools and Toys last week - a photo essay of the brand's headquarters in Chicago. I'd been hinting about this piece here ever since my trip to Chicago last month, and it was great to finally have it go live along with my Subscription review. Check it out if you haven't already - I asked the Field Notes guys when I visited and they said that this piece is the first of it's kind. I'm a little proud of it, if you couldn't tell.

  • How Medium Became a Buzzfeed for the Elite — Medium - This is a really solid piece putting into words why Medium has lost it's luster for many of us. I couldn't adequately explain it on my own, but I'd had this sort of feeling every time I visited the site over the past half a year or so. Sure, there's some solid content there if you really look, but for the most part it's people trying to capitalize on the pure population that lives there now. Quantity over quality seems to be the way Medium's heading, and that's a damn shame.

  • An inky review of the Baron Fig Squire - Woodclinched - Last up is the first review of Baron Fig's new pen. I backed the Squire Kickstarter a week or two ago when it first launched, so I was excited to hear the first real thoughts from a third party on it. If you're at all interested in Baron Fig's latest it's worth a look at Andy's review. I can't wait until the pen ships next spring.

Welp, that wasn't so bad. Hope you guys didn't mind the link-y disturbance into your Monday. I'll write more to you guys in the coming days, and thanks for reading.