Minimally Minimal 2015 Fall Selects

If you've been reading my A-Players in any of the recent months it won't be news to you that I absolutely love the pieces Andrew Kim puts out. I've linked to him so many times in my weekly roundups that it almost doesn't feel right to do so for awhile now - I don't want to just become a surrogate Minimally Minimal RSS feed do I?

Either way, I still wanted to mention that I loved what Kim did in one of his pieces yet again. While I miss his full reviews of everyman products from years past, these seasonal Selects posts are also a lot of fun with their rapid-fire opinions and heap of accompanying beautiful photographs.

Maybe not everyone has the same design, product-photography, and blog itches scratched from Kim's content like I do, but I just can't help but love this stuff to be honest with you guys.

His work checks all the right boxes for me, and I'd sincerely recommend giving him - and his excellent back-catalog for that matter - a read.