The Ulysses Beta

A couple of days ago the Soulmen sent out beta invites to test the new Ulysses for iOS update. I've been waiting months for such a thing to happen, and so upon receiving my invite I jumped right into putting the app through it's paces and getting some writing done. I found a few bugs without too much trouble, but this is a beta of course - and so while I can't give you guys a full review quite yet, I do want to share the things I'm already loving about this newest version.


First and foremost, it's on my iPhone now. That means I can make quick editing once-overs, add links to the week's A-Players post, or share quick links all from my phone. This played into my decision of getting a 6s Plus instead of the regular sized 6s, and I'm happy to say that Ulysses works great so far on the larger sized device. The UI has been adapted pretty much flawlessly over to the smaller form factor, and there are some great formatting shortcuts that make up Ulysses' above-keyboard toolbar. This might seem like an obvious point on the whole, but as somebody who's waited much of 2015 waiting to get access to my Ulysses documents from my phone, it's a major relief - and I'm glad they took the time to do the transition right.


Split-Screen on the iPad Pro and Air 2 is a similarly obvious addition, but will undoubtedly find a place for itself in my workflow. I've already found myself using it in combination with Pinner and Clips to put together the A-Players posts, or alongside Safari to look up a quick query or URL. I'll find more ways to implement it as time goes on, but already it's proving it's usefulness.


Of course there's less-obvious stuff in droves - the little tidbits that the Soulmen take the time to add are a big part of what make Ulysses the quality app it is in the first place - and there are a handful of thoughtful little additions that I'm already appreciating. A new exposed backup system, sheet sorting options, San Francisco as a display font, and even more export-formatting-options.

These little things are what make me really come to love an application, and so I'm encouraged and happy to see them arriving alongside the larger additions in this Ulysses release. It's probably at least a month or two out from a public release now, (that just being my speculation) but I can already vouch that it'll turn out to be a great update if it's anything like this beta release. I'm completely sold into using Ulysses now, and I couldn't be happier.



Ulysses on iOS is also 50% off until Christmas 2015, so if you haven't already bought a copy you can do so here.