A-Players: Week of December 20th

Hello again all,

This week has probably been a mix of joys and stressors for you all as much as me. And while I've had a few moments where I had to remind myself to slow down and just to breathe, it's also been a very welcome time with warmth and friends and family. I'm hoping you all got to have great times with those close to you as well.

Somewhere in all the holiday hustle and bustle I did still manage to throw together some links for you all this holiday week. So while you're sitting around on Boxing Day, or whenever else you get the chance to - I hope you enjoy reading through them.

  • The iPad Pro — Tools and Toys - As soon as my buddy Josh got his hands on the iPad Pro a month ago, I knew I was in store for something good. Josh has been largely working from his iPad for awhile now, and so his opinion on the new device was up there with Federico Viticci's as far as how I would base my thoughts on the iPad Pro. Thankfully, he didn't disappoint. This review is structured excellently - taking a look at the seven key things that Steve Jobs said a tablet should be good at those many years ago at the iPad launch. There's also drool-worthy product photography, and on the whole this was definitely one of my favorite reads this week. I'm still not sure how I feel about the iPad Pro, but it's cool to know how Josh does.

  • RNI Films - An App Review - Erin Brooks - Another week, another stellar photographic piece from Erin Brooks. This time turning us on to a new photography app she's stumbled upon; RNI Films. I've been more into the whole "digital-emulsion" trend in the past, but this piece inspired me to play around with the idea a bit more again. Maybe you'll start seeing more film-styled images on the blog again soon - or then again, maybe not. 😉

  • The supposed problem of choice — 512 Pixels - Much like a piece I wrote a little while back, Stephen Hackett has had his eye on Apple's product lines and how they're changing. Where there used to be four distinct quadrants in the early 2000's there are now so many products it's hard to keep them all straight sometimes. Stephen has his own take on it in this piece - which is well worth your time to have a quick read - but I still stand by my opinion. It's time for the next simplification of Apple's product line - the next four quadrants - that will help people easily choose what to buy again.

  • VANCOUVER | MM TRAVEL GUIDE | 15 — Minimally Minimal - a Christmas Eve present from Andrew Kim dropped into my RSS reader a couple nights ago with this piece, and it was of course a joy to read over with it's writeup and photography covering Vancouver locations. I'm a sucker for Andrew's work, and when you combine that with the relative scarcity of it these days I do get a bit over-eager when he posts. It's still such good content in my eyes, and if you have the time I highly suggest checking it out.

  • The Commercial Zen of Muji - The New Yorker - In a different vein, the New Yorker ran a great little piece on the Japanese brand Muji and how it's concept of cheap, simple goods has helped it rise to success around the world. Muji is one of the brands I always wish I could get more easily here in the states, and so I'm happy to hear that they're expanding more outside of Japan. This was a great little overview piece, check it out - especially if you don't already know what Muji's all about.

  • A Day On The Streets Of Tokyo – Ignant.de - A stellar piece from the folks at Ignant taking us on a street-photography journey through the city streets of Tokyo. Japan is one of my dream-destinations for traveling one day, and so these very 'Japan' shots with that very-organic "street" look to them are oh so enticing. Wanderlust calls, but I must slide to ignore for now.

Thank you again for reading along with me, it means a lot that you do.