Tools and Toys' BookBook for iPhone 6 Plus Review

Another consistently great review on Tools and Toys from Joshua Ginter. I've found that I prefer to carry my phone naked, and have carried my phone without a case for over two years now with few negative effects. TwelveSouth's SurfacePad folding case did catch my eye last fall when I first got my iPhone 6: back then I was concerned as to if the phone would be too large for me to hold comfortably/securely and not end up dropping it, so the idea of a case was still on the table at that point for me. Since then I've determined that the smaller iPhone 6 is just fine in my hands, but if I were to own a 6 Plus like Mr. Ginter does here (which I'm planning towards for next year) then I might have to reconsider my decision.

As for the BookBook itself; I've often thought that these cases were a bit gimmicky or gaudy, and I still don't think you'll ever find me purchasing one, but the photography in this review and the cases that Joshua makes for the BookBook's features here make me respect the product line more as a whole. Having a wallet/pocketbook combined with a nice leather cover and case makes a lot of sense, and the case snap-in, snap-out system also seems like a great improvement upon the older BookBook models.

That being said the piece is definitely worth a read if not only for the writing, but just for Josh Ginter's product photography alone. His shots are some of the best work I've seen in the circle of the Internet that I follow, and I'd put him and Andrew Kim in close contention for my number one spot in that respect. His level of quality in both his photography and writing has been something I've tried really hard to aim for with my own work in the past month or two, and he's someone I definitely look up to in the blogging area.

Give the piece a read and I doubt you'll regret it.