All A-Players: Week of March 15th

Another week, another set of links. I've had a busy weekend celebrating my father's birthday and putting some hours on the clock at my job, but still had the time to throw this together (albeit a little later than I would've liked - I'll admit I forgot >_<)

  • Bad Touch - Egg Freckles - This week was the week of force-touch, and this small article begins to delve into the experience with the new force touch trackpad and how it's continuing Apple's trackpad-leading streak.
  • Touch & Tap - Chase McCoy - Continuing that theme, Chase McCoy delves a little deeper into the topic and discusses the potential implications of being able to physically interact with software elements and other people through haptic feedback. I for one am a total sap, and can't wait to be able to send my girlfriend my heartbeat or tap her on the wrist to let her know I'm thinking of her. Romanticism aside, the deeper innovations here are potentially exciting for the upcoming iOS devices this fall and the years of software afterwards.
  • Muji High Quality Smooth Paper Notebook B6 — Three Staples - Jinnie from Three Staples once again graces my Instapaper Queue with a gorgeous review, this time of the mid-sized Muji B6 notebook. I've been in search of a mid-sized notebook such as this for awhile, and while I'm not quite sure this is the one for me, it does make me tempted to pick back up the search anew.
  • Also, there's not really a way to quantify this in a link, but Sam Sheffer's selfie-coverage of SXSW has been both mystifying and strangely awesome at the same time. Definite beef.

Late last week my camera shipped out from the repair facility it had been having a stay at, and with it's pending return I'll finally be able to get back on track with some content I've had planned for the past month or two. I'm always wary about leaving promises of future work in writing as I'm scared I won't end up delivering, but in this case the extra motivation that provides might be a good thing. So I'll confidently say here and now: expect some quality pieces soon. Until next week.