A-Players: Week of April 19th

Oh man, was it ever Apple Watch week.

Among a few other things, this week has been just about all focused on Apple's newest product, and rightfully so. As I write this (Saturday morning) I've received mine and while I'll reserve my opinions for a later date, I will say that I'm pretty pleased with it on the whole. Until then, have a nice weekend, and enjoy the links.

  • The Making of "The Graduate" | Vanity Fair - I recently watched the film The Graduate for the first time after working my way through Simon & Garfunkel's discography up to their Bookends album and then investigating the background of their song; Mrs. Robinson. I really thoroughly enjoyed the film, and in my subsequent reading to bone up on the symbolism and analysis behind the film I stumbled upon this excellent piece by Vanity Fair explaining a lot of the story behind the making of the film. To me the film was enjoyable through the plot itself, the filmmaking both old and modern at the same time, the Simon & Garfunkel soundtrack, and the symbolism & subtle meanings behind the story in relation to the time period. Fascinating read (and watch.) (update: it's a week later and I still have Mrs. Robinson stuck in my head.)

  • An Apple Watch Heuristic Evaluation — Medium - The fellows over at UX Launchpad on Medium have put out some of the best-thought-through and well done pieces that I've read on software in the past several months, and I've linked to them before here in my A-Players posts. This week they put out a post explaining what they think of the Apple Watch with it's new UI/UX paradigms both good and bad, and how they think the watch will do despite its initial bugs and other shortcomings. These guys posts always offer up a different and thorough point of view squarely centered on how humans will actually use a piece of software or a product, and that makes this piece a delight to read.

  • I Did Not Win An Award - YouTube - Another one of Casey Neistat's excellent vlogs. The first 24 seconds of this video are so essential Casey in every way and had me chuckling the whole day long.

  • Apple - Apple Watch - Guided Tours - Earlier this week Apple posted the last couple videos rounding out their "Guided Tours" series for Apple Watch's launch. While a lot of the content is stuff we'd already seen at the various events and in the many reviews that have come out covering the watch, it's still useful to see the videos from Apple itself that can be considered "official documentation" which show some of the smaller bits like features hidden behind a force touch. I'm sure these would be more useful to a completely new user, but I found them interesting as well.

  • Apple Watch and durability: How tough are Apple's finishes? | iMore - Greg Koenig over at iMore digs into the processes used to finish & coat Apple's different lines of the watch and how they'll likely hold up in day to day use. This and other articles have me a little worried about my decision to go with the aluminum sport model, but I have as of yet to really beat up an aluminum Apple product, so we'll see how that pans out in the future.

  • Apple Watch Waterproof Test - YouTube - Another duarbility-related Apple Watch link, this one coming from a pair of Australian YouTubers who took their fresh Apple Watch out and tested it's waterproofing. For Science. The results are actually quite encouraging, as I'd wanted to be able to use my Watch whilst washing dishes at work and showering in the morning, and this video seems to suggest that the watch has far better waterproofing than Apple's been touting thus far. I still have my doubts (and risking a $400 investment seems a bit silly just to have Twitter & Podcasts in the shower) but if more and more people have the same sorts of results, then I may have to give it a try myself.