A-Players: Week of March 29th

Hello all. I'm back and I've made a couple small changes to how I create these posts throughout the week which should help with the quality of the links and their descriptions. Each day I've been making a point of making time to add one link and writing it's description while the content is fresh in my mind, and I think it's helped massively in helping me find something interesting to add each day. I've also decided to change the series name to just "A-Players" to simplify the name, and because I like it better :) So without further ado, heres this week's links.

  • Emmazed — VSCO - I've watched for several months on Snapchat, Twitter, and other social outlets as Mahmoud Mfinanga has worked tirelessly towards a piece featuring VSCO and the philosophy & people behind it. The piece is finally here and is just about as awesome as I expected. Interviews with the founders, creatives impacted by the companies work, and just a beautifully formatted website in general made this piece a treat to read. Highly recommended, especially for those to whom VSCO's products play an integral part in their workflow such as myself.

  • One Tap Less | GoodTask 2 — Reminders for Power Users - I'd never seen an app like GoodTask 2 before that basically builds a 3rd party UI with enhanced functionality on top of Apple's built in Reminders system. I was really impressed that something like this was possible, and while my own GTD system is probably a little over-complex to fit into GoodTask's setup, I think the app could be useful to many people who don't have as extravagant organization needs, and I'm surprised that it hasn't received mainstream news coverage. (that I've seen or been tuned into, that is)

  • Field Notes: Two Rivers - The Newsprint - This past week seems to have been the week of Two Rivers reviews (I must've missed that memo) and Joshua Ginter's review isn't just amazing as usual with quality photography and writing, it's my favorite review of this spring's Field Notes Colors release that I've read. I agree with Josh that much of the edition comes across as somewhat unremarkable, but he then takes the piece in a unique and inspiring direction that I think sums up part of what makes Field Notes so great, and why people like them over the many other good pocket-sized-paper choices out there. I didn't know what to expect from a review of this edition, but Josh's piece completely blew what expectations I did have of the water. Undeniably worth your read.

  • Jeremiah Rogers — My office: sunset by the river in Phnom Penh - Because sometimes photos are just too pretty to be in black and white, even if you intend for them to be.

  • iPhone Killer: The Secret History of the Apple Watch | WIRED - David Pierce (who I recognize from his former writing position at The Verge) got to sit down and talk with the leader of Apple's Human Interface group; Alan Dye, about some of the design process behind the Apple Watch. You can really see Apple spooling out little bits of information to the press leading up to the watche's launch in a way I can't remember them doing in recent years. This new Apple isn't just different in the product or leadership choices it makes, I'm noticing a large difference in how they relate with the press, especially in the frenzied launch season that we're in now. Worth a read for the dozens of little details it reveals about the process Apple went through with designing the Apple Watch's software, hardware, and the experience of using it.

  • Developing Perspective: #213: Showing Up and Shipping Apps - After a long break between episodes of his long-standing podcast: Developing Perspective, David Smith elaborates on the ups and downs one experiences in the practice of putting out creative work. A lot of the points David touches on here really resonated with me, especially how hard it is after a long lull in-between pieces of work to get back out there and create your next. I've been feeling a little like this myself recently, and Mr. David Smith's podcast here summed it up perfectly. Anyone who's putting themselves out there with their work will probably recognize something from this, it's definitely a recommended listen.

Aaand that's all folks! I hope you've enjoyed at least a link or two from this week's picks. This is the first week that I've felt confident about my choices and writing in this post, so I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I have composing it.

Until next week.