A-Players: Week of May 10th

This week's been a longer one for myself, with plenty of shifts at work and finally getting out a piece I've been meaning to for awhile. I'm still busy even as I write this, but I'm happy that I can be getting out these links again this week, and I hope you enjoy them.

  • Apple Watch: The definitive review | iMore - Rene Ritchie and the iMore staff really outdid themselves in their expansive review of the Apple Watch. I've seen other reviews claim to be "the definitive" review of Apple's new wearable, but iMore's more than outdone any of the other offerings in my opinion. Bravo.

  • Pedometer += 1,000,000 - David Smith - Developer (underscore) David Smith told the story of what has become probably the most popular application of his many on the store when Pedometer++ was downloaded for the one millionth time this week. Pedometer++ has played a huge role in getting me to ramp up my fitness and how I track my activity using technology over the past several months, and it's so cool to see a developer like this get the success they deserve. Cheers, David; another tip's heading your way.

  • The Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8 Pro Lens Review — Tools and Toys - Joshua Ginter does it again with another fantastic post for Tools and Toys, this time reviewing the Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8 lens for the Micro 4/3rds system. Josh makes a really solid argument for leaving behind the pixel-peeping focus of prime lenses and instead going for the more versatile and utilitarian setup of a single zoom lens for most scenarios. I'm still shooting on the fixed-lens Fuji x100s, but it's posts like these that sparks the need in me to go out and shoot some photos. It's about time. Thanks Josh.

  • Apple Watch, One Week In & Erin on Apple Watch — Liss is More - Both of the Liss-es received their Apple Watches in the mail this past week, and so the two of them posted their thoughts on the experience in tandem this past Thursday night. Unlike many of the Apple Watch "one week in" posts that I've seen over the past days and weeks, (including my own) the Liss household's pair of reviews is unique in that not only does it cover the opinions of a husband and wife, it also covers the opinions of a technology-oriented individual, and a more-average-as-far-as-technology-goes individual. Casey's wife Erin's post about the watch is the first piece that has honestly convinced me that the watch may not be overly appealing to some people out there. And while that does worry me a bit, I'm also still excited to see more and more people (and couples) get their hands on the watch in order to really see how it's first generation really pans out. An interesting take on a first impressions piece (or pieces, I should say,) and these were definitely some of my favorite reads this week.

  • #219: Accidental. - Developing Perspective - While I already linked to David Smith once earlier this week, this past Thursday's episode of the Developing Perspective was too cool not to link to. On this time's sub-15-minute show, David talked about how while intentionality in one's work is important, it's also important to roll with the accidental occurrences and see how they pan out as well. Specifically in his case, in relation to an accident which led to the invention and implementation of his app Pedometer++'s Tip Jar feature. The Tip Jar is one of my absolute favorite parts of Pedometer++, and it endears me to the app more than one might think. Hearing both the backstory and the reasoning behind it was both inspiring and just some awesome nerd material, I couldn't help but link to it here.

  • Apple Watch: The Future Is Now (or, at least, soon) — Medium - Stephen Orph took to Medium this week to tell his story about his history with digital watches leading up to the Pebble, and now the Apple Watch. I really enjoyed the piece's focus on the fitness capabilities of the watch, as well as the overall story he wove. This is one of the better written pieces about the watch I've read this week. Worth a read.