A-Players: Week of May 17th

Hello all. My week's been a blend of lovely and busy. It's been gorgeous outside with the weather finally beginning to trend towards summer, and at the same time I have a lot of final projects and tests to juggle in the run-up to my last few weeks of school. I'm really looking forward to getting into a summer routine, and the extra time to spend writing, reading, running, or just spending time with loved ones will be extremely appreciated. With all that being said, I hope you enjoy this week's links and I also hope to have the time to put out some pieces I've been working on soon. We'll see.

  • AIAIAI TMA-2 — Minimally Minimal - I don't get to link to Andrew Kim's work all that often due to the selective scarcity of his posts, and I'm always overjoyed when I see his site appear in my RSS feed, but I was especially so with this piece. I saw that Danish headphone designer AIAIAI had launched their new, customizable headphone line; the TMA-2, about a week ago, but I don't think there's a single writer or photographer better suited to reviewing AIAIAI's latest offering than Mr Kim. Gorgeous imagery, honest opinions, and as always some of the finest work on the web. I'm never disappointed with a Minimally Minimal post, and still go back to re-read some of his old work quite often. If you haven't heard of his work before do yourself a favor and go enjoy this piece, I doubt you'll regret it.

  • The Discreet Watch — The Brooks Review - Ben Brooks posed a solid point in last week's post (that went live late last week for non-members) about the Apple Watch and how while it may not out-class other formal or luxury watches with looks alone, the added functionality of the watch easily makes up for and surpasses that argument altogether. An interesting point of view I hadn't heard posed yet, and Ben puts it together very concisely and well.

  • The MacBook Review — Tools and Toys - Tools and Toys' review of the new retina MacBook is one of the best I've read so far, and really does a good job of describing the device's strengths and weaknesses in a light that would make sense to the kind of person that this machine is made for. The photography is also hands down the best I've seen of the machine so far, and it's worth giving this review a look just for the shots alone. Cheers guys, another great job.

  • Vancouver 2015: Part 1 - The Newsprint - Throughout the past week or two I've been reading a series of posts that have made me feel the urge to just get out there and shoot photos after what has been a little bit of a dry spell for me photographically. Joshua Ginter's post this past week about his trip to the city of Vancouver and the kinds of things he found and saw there is the latest in those series of reads, and I'm both happy to recommend it and excited to get back into shooting more myself.

  • Just Smart Enough — Shawn Blanc - Shawn's work is always very intentional, and his first real "thoughts on the watch" post is nothing but. His points and comments about the watch's core experience are accurate from my time with the the watch as well, and it seems like Shawn's nowhere near done talking about the watch yet. I'm already looking forward to whatever watch-related content comes next from him.

  • Apple II to Cinema Display - New Tech Old Tech - YouTube - Mathew Pearce doesn't post videos to YouTube very often, but when he does the content is usually interesting, related to tech, and insanely well produced. This video is no different, and in this one Matthew shows both how to hook up an Apple II to a modern Cinema Display, and how that rocks for some retro Mac gaming. That being said, this is nothing I'll probably ever end up doing, which makes me all the more happy that Matt's done it here and shown it off. Props for getting to to work it at all as well.

  • #220: The Essential Experience. - Developing Perspective - This week's latest episode of the Developing Perspective podcast was an exciting one for developer (underscore) David Smith and anyone who's a fan of his work. David announced that he's begun work on his next app and that much like Pedometer++ - which I love so much - he'll be tackling an app idea while focusing on "the essential experience" above all. This time however, he's applying that ideal to an application that will pull in your health data from HealthKit and both visualize and use that data in a way that benefits people's lives. I couldn't be happier with Pedometer++, so you can bet I'm excited for whatever this app turns out to be. I can't wait to hear more.