A-Players: Week of May 3rd

Contented sigh

This week things finally got back to normal a bit, both for me in that I got back to a normal school schedule and for the web at large with the Apple Watch launch moving away behind us. I was happy to get back to some more regular reading and writing, and I think it's just been a pretty nice week in general. I hope it's been a good week for all of you as well, and I hope you guys enjoy this week's links.

  • Apple Watch Human Interface Guidelines - Apple Developer - Apple updated it's Human Interface Guidelines for the Apple Watch this week. I read through them and found it interesting to see some of the little aspects of UI design that Apple focuses on and makes sure that developers abide by. I'm a huge nerd for being so into developer guidelines whilst not being a developer in any form, but I still thought it was a good read and that it gave more insight into how Apple thinks about the watch. Worth a look if you're into this sort of thing.

  • Apple doesn’t design for you - Analog Senses - Alvaro took the time last week in the midst of the rush of Apple Watch reviews and op-eds to pen out his thoughts on how just about everyone on the internet seems to think that they know how precisely Apple's screwed up and how exactly to fix it. As he puts in the pieces bottom-line: Apple doesn't design for you, and it's time a lot of us (sometimes myself included) stop feeling like they should.

  • Homescreen: May 2015 - The Newsprint - Josh's homescreen setup post this month was a good read. After enjoying it today I'm already thinking of how I could do some spring cleaning on my homescreen setups across my respective devices and integrate better some of the apps I've started using regularly in the past several months since my last major reorganization like the bevy of health apps. Cheers to Josh, it was an inspiring post for me.

  • The Creative’s Workspace — Shawn Blanc - Shawn's post this Wednesday on his workspace, how's it's changed over the years, and how different aspects of it play vital roles in the creative process was a super solid read. I'm such a nerd about desks and workspace setups and all that, but Shawn's post goes into so much more about the values of a creative routine, organization, variation, and a lot more that really makes me feel like my nerdyness is well-placed. A great read.

  • Our favorite Couch to 5k running app - The Sweet Setup - The Sweet Setup's roundup of the best Couch to 5k running apps proved really useful to me as I started gearing up into running this week. Their overall favorite pick: Run 5k, is indeed a great running app for a beginner like me, and I really appreciated the app's feature set. Especially the Apple Watch integration that proved useful during my runs. Another great pick by the folks at The Sweet Setup.

  • Lifeline... by 3 Minute Games, LLC - I almost didn't think I'd end up finding a link to add today, but just as I was winding down for the night I stumbled upon this new game called Lifeline... The premise is that you're in contact with an astronaut (Taylor) who's been stranded on some strange moon and you have to communicate sort of like a traditional texting conversation, but with several choices for your responses. Also adding to the game is that as you talk with Taylor there are real-time waiting periods as he accomplishes things, which some would view as annoying but I definitely err on the side of viewing it as immersive. The game seems promising even after just the first "interaction" with Taylor, and it's also the first game with a premise that actually seems fit to the Apple Watch and it's interaction model. Very cool, and you might be hearing more about the game from me if I end up liking it enough.

  • Redesigning Overcast’s Apple Watch app – Marco.org - Following after the watch launch week, Marco Arment typed out his thoughts on how he originally designed the Overcast watchapp, what was wrong with it, and how he's redesigned it now so that it will be a much better experience on the watch. He covers several points about watch apps in general which I think are quite good, and I was glad to see him rethink the Overcast app as it really was a slow experience on the watch originally. A solid update by Marco, although who would've expected any less.