A-Players: Week of June 7th

This week's finally been a great one for me. School is all but over, I had plenty of time to work, be active, and drink entirely too much coffee, and this week is one of the best in any Apple nerd's year. With WWDC this week there were plenty of great articles, podcasts, tweets, and all other matter of exciting and cool things coming out of SF. Every year I've been aware of this developer conference I think more and more about trying to cut my chops at learning Objective C, both so I can understand more of what goes on at WWDC, and because I do have a couple ideas at could turn into apps. So far that hasn't happened though. Maybe this summer. Regardless, I hope you all had a great "Dub-Dub" week, and I hope you enjoy this week's links.

  • 8 things I learned from wearing an Apple Watch for a couple of weeks - The Oatmeal - Lets start off the week with something funny. I don't read webcomics all that often, but it's almost a guarantee that if I'm reading one it'll be from The Oatmeal. His take on the Apple Watch is amusing even if I don't agree with all his opinions, and I'd say his work is always worth a look for the illustrations alone. Genuinely hilarious.

  • The Gordy's Camera Wrist Strap — Tools and Toys - Josh Ginter had another great review this past week of the Gordy's Camera Strap, which was produced in tandem with a couple other of Tools and Toys' photo-junkies. The result is a veritable feast of product photography to accompany Josh's writeup, and it adds up to a piece that'll make a quality addition to the Tools and Toys review archive. I'm always impressed and inspired by the work these fellows put out, and if you're not familiar with the site then you really owe to yourself to check it out.

  • MultiPadding - All this - With this past Monday being Apple's annual WWDC conference, there were many excellent articles this week discussing the announcements from the keynote. Dr. Drang's article on the new iPad multitasking features was one of them. In the article he compares the iPad's journey to multitasking fruition this year to the Classic Macintosh's own journey through the original application switcher. A great read just to look at the cool old classic Mac screenshots, not to even speak of Drang's thoughts on the changes. (although those were great as well! ;) )

  • A Few Thoughts on iOS 9 — MacSparky - Speaking of thoughts on this week's announcements, David Sparks' take on the iOS 9 announcements was one of my favorites. I agree with his points on a lot of the changes, and a lot of his insight has made me think even more about what's coming in the next couple months. Even little things like the metal API coming to the UI layer and News launching could have huge impacts this fall, and I can't wait to see what happens. Even moreso after reading David's piece.

  • Live with Phil – Marco.org - Another special part of this week was Tuesday night when John Gruber had Phil Schiller as his guest on this year's live episode of The Talk Show. I watched the show live (using the new iOS 9 picture-in-picture no less!) and it really was cool watching a masterful Apple blogger such as Gruber ask one of Apple's high-ups questions and actually have a great time with it. The show as great, there were loads of laughs (caused by both members of the show) and it was honestly one of the better things to come out of this week. Marco Arment did a short writeup of the show and it's significance along with some terrific shots from the bar while the show was live. A great look at what was a great podcast. So worth a look.

  • Cortex: Cortex 2: Redundant Office - In addition to WWDC, this week marked the second episode of one of Relay.fm's new summer show runs: Cortex. In it, the brilliant CGP Grey (who I hadn't heard of prior to listening to the show) has his highly-productive brain picked by Myke Hurley on all-things-Grey (mainly how he works) and the results are fantastic. Discussions about computer setups, redundant bags, working environments, and iPhone homescreens among other things fill the podcast, and I'd describe it as two nerd friends getting together and covering every last inch of how they work in their own cool and quirky ways. It's been a joy to listen to the past two weeks, and I'd recommend listening to both the episodes so you're all caught up for whatever Grey and Myke end up talking about next.