Love me some Morning Coffee:

My friend Álvaro Serrano has recently made a change to how he writes over on his site; Analog Senses. Much like myself and several contributors in this vague circle of online literature, Álvaro has started writing weekly roundup posts containing some of his favorite reads from throughout the week, and his thoughts on them. And like any other good series of posts online, he's got a great name: Morning Coffee.

The biggest thing that stands out to me so far about Álvaro's take on the weekly roundup is how much he's fleshed it out from the basic list of links into something more like a recap both of the week in news, and a little bit of the week in his life. Some might argue that this more personal take doesn't fit in with a list of links, but I adore his choice. In many cases online - Álvaro's included - I read a writer's work not only because I'm interested in what they're writing about, but because I'm interested in them. Why do they write? How do they write? What's it like in their life to fit in their writing? Is it their full-time job? If so, how do they manage that? What drives them or interests them? These are all questions that I wonder about when reading some of my favorite writer's work. So when one of them like Álvaro takes the time to fit a little of themselves into their work, I love it.

For me it's one of those situations where I wish I'd added more of that personal touch to my own A-Players posts prior to Álvaro's implementation, because as silly as it sounds; I'd feel like a bit of a copy-cat if I did so too now. Maybe I can put my own spin on it, we'll see.

For now though, I've immensely enjoyed reading Álvaro's first two installments in Morning Coffee, and like the other weekly roundups that I frequent it's become a staple of my weekend. Just like the drink it's named after ;)