A-Players: Week of July 19th

Phew, what a week!

This week for me finally brought to fruition some of the projects that I've been thinking about and working on for awhile now.


First up, this past Tuesday my review of the Kaweco Lilliput went live over on Tools & Toys. I'd been actively planning for and working on this piece for probably about a month now, and it felt so good to finally nail down the message I wanted to convey through the piece and bang it out in a Ulysses sheet. It was honestly the toughest piece of writing I've had to work on yet, and while it was frustrating some of the time when I got stuck, it was equally gratifying once I pushed through it and wrote what I knew I wanted to.


Rolling with that momentum, I was happy to push out my review of the Field Notes: Workshop Companion Edition as well. Which I'd also been planning for awhile.

 Quick behind the scenes: a glance at my Field Notes & Art-Lit stash.  

Quick behind the scenes: a glance at my Field Notes & Art-Lit stash.  

Once I'd finished up both of those projects, I ran into the odd and almost unexpected feeling of not having any projects that I was actively working on. That hasn't happened in awhile this summer. Right around that same time I also caught an oddly strong summer cold, which I'm still fighting off at the time of writing. Let's hope I'm back up and running not long from now.

I hope you all have an awesome week, and enjoy the links.

On Summer, Travel, and Food:

  • Berlin Guide - What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today? - When this piece dropped into my RSS reader this Sunday, I instantly knew it would make it into this week's links. Marta Greber is a food & lifestyle blogger & photographer living in Berlin and publishing what I have to say are some of the most beautiful culinary posts I've ever seen. She has several series she keeps up, some about places she goes out to eat in the city, some about gorgeous recipes that she cooks at home, and some others just about her and her life. This post however, is a massive compilation putting together some of her favorite venues and photographs from her Eat Berlin series that she's been maintaining for over 3 years now. Just the amount of content contained and referenced to in this post is mind-blowing, and if you've never heard of Marta, this piece is an excellent place to dive in. I'd highly recommend her work, it's always a joy to find one of her pieces waiting for me to read it whilst sipping a piping hot Cortado.

  • Seoul | MM Travel Guide | 15 — Minimally Minimal - Andrew Kim has made a point of documenting his travels over the past few years through various "Travel Guides" which rate and cover different venues, shops, and restaurants wherever the Microsoft designer has gone. These sorts of posts are intriguing just for the locales alone, but Kim's photographic eye really takes the experience to a new level in my eyes. Minimally Minimal is one of a small number of sites that I wish I could read every single morning over my first coffee, and as such this piece was a delight to experience whilst doing just that.

  • Carmela Ice Cream - Life & Thyme - This week has been one of the absolute hottest of the summer so far where I live, and as such I couldn't think of anything better to include in this week's links than an ice-cream piece. Life & Thyme took to California to interview a small independent ice-cream shop and take a look at it's natural "countryside-based" flavors. The photos alone are absolutely hunger-inducing. So much so that as I'm writing this I'm already planning a trip to a nearby ice-cream parlor. Enjoy the read, and hopefully a cone as well.

& The Rest:

  • Day One as Running Diary - the candler blog - A quick little read from Jonathan Poritsky this week where he describes how he's been using Day One to track his runs. Much like he mentions that he does in the post, I often find myself with various thoughts as to how my run went, why I think it was that way, and basically just some feels about my exercise. I might give this logging method a try, it seems like an easy way to add even further value to one's Day One Journal workflow.

  • Eulogy - Matt Gemmell - Matt Gemmell is a writer whose work I've recently become tuned into, specifically a week or two ago when he published a great mini e-book on Markdown. Anyways, earlier this week he took the time to pen some excellent thoughts on how society tends to heap praise onto someone only once they're gone - in eulogy - and not when they're here and can actually appreciate that praise. This piece wasn't only excellently written, but it was a good reminder to tell the people whose work you enjoy that you do. I'm telling Matt. Cheers.

  • Moon | Typeset In The Future - I don't know how many of you have stumbled upon Dave Addey's stellar Typeset In The Future blog before, but it's been a little favorite of mine for awhile now. And this week I figured I'd share it with you guys. The basic premise is that Dave examines some of the best sci-fi movies out there looking almost exclusively at the different Typsets and Fonts used within and their contexts. It's a really great read every time I come back to it, and if you're even just vaguely interested in typography and sci-fi like myself then I'd highly recommend a look.