Fundamentally Broken:

Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai, writing for Motherboard:

"So what should you do if you own an Android phone? That’s up to you. I can’t tell you what to do with your life, but these are your choices.

You can keep your Android phone with that modified version of Android that your carrier or manufacturer has decided to put on it, and get security updates weeks late, or never (if you have a Nexus you’re better off, but who knows if Google is going to keep making Nexus phones in the future).

Or you can root your phone and install the excellent and more swiftly updated Android-based operating system CyanogenMod on it. This is a good alternative, but it’s not trivial to install CyanogenMod, and updates for certain phones depend on volunteers, so, again, you might not get them as soon as you’d wish.

Or, lastly, you can give up, switch to Apple and buy an iPhone.

As much as my old self will hate me, I’m going to choose the last option."

When you have self-branded Android fanboys switching platforms because it's really that bad, maybe it's time for Google to take a firmer stance on this. For years Google and various Android OEM's have promised faster updates with little to show for it. It was a problem back when I used Android, and it still is now. Fundamentally broken from inception, and still waiting for a fix.