A-Players: Week of August 23rd

Hello all,

September is just around the corner, and both the big tech-news boom and my school schedule picking back up are only a couple of weeks away now. I'm trying to enjoy the last couple weeks I have, get a few pieces ready to go live between now and then, and soak up the last of the sun before it begins to go away in Autumn.

This week's links are another eclectic compilation, although looking over them now on Saturday morning I have to say that the main theme this time is that many of them feature some of the best photos we've had here on A-Players, and the last link this week is one I hold dear to my heart ;)

Enjoy the links, I'll see you guys next week.

  • B&O BeoPlay H8 — Minimally Minimal - I spent this week's Monday morning savoring a delicious cafe breakfast whilst also savoring Andrew Kim's latest piece reviewing the B&O H8 bluetooth headphones. Gorgeous photos, Kim's classic opinionated commentary, and a well-designed product. I can't get enough.

  • The Tom Bihn Cadet — Liss is More - Casey Liss has been working to get even better at photography over the past couple months, and his latest piece reviewing the Tom Bihn Cadet Laptop Bag blew me away in that respect. Concise writing, really good, minimal product shots, and just overall one of Casey's best pieces yet.

  • Write better Markdown - BrettTerpstra - Brett Terpstra - creator of plaintext editor Marked 2 - wrote up an excellent "best markdown practices" for a world where even Markdown has had some issues with fragmentation. I haven't had too much of a problem with this to be honest, but if you're deep into Markdown or just interested in the writing standard like I am then this piece is worth a read.

  • Ugmonk » Ugmonk Studio Tour - Jeff Sheldon has been all over the internet recently between Minimums and The Sweet Setup, but I certainly won't object to him showing off more of his gorgeous workspace - which is what he's done here. My home workspace is a little bit like this in that there's lots of white space, but man is Jeff's space gorgeous. I took mental notes, and it was just fun to look at.

  • Madrid’s El Rastro — Tools and Toys - Álvaro Serrano took the Tools & Toys audience on a lovely photo-essay trip through a Spanish flea market this week in what I can only call "a pleasant Thursday surprise" of a piece. Álvaro showed his photo-essay chops a little bit last week on his personal site, but he did a really great job this week too on Tools and Toys. I loved the photos, I loved the descriptions. Just a pleasure to read.

  • Dear Guy Who Just Made My Burrito: — Medium - This piece holds a special place in my heart, and I swear I think about it every single time I sit down at Chipotle or Qdoba to down a silver bullet. No other piece has influenced the way I eat food as much, and how I rate burritos is now on a scale of amazing-to-craptrosity. Just read it, you'll be glad you did ;)