The New Google Logo

Google updated their logo today, with the intent being to better unify the overall brand across their many services and products.

I'm almost certain this has been the exact same reasoning that they've used the last couple times the logo was tweaked, and I personally struggle to see how the logo change itself will help better unify the brand. Shrug.


With that being said, this is the largest change to the Google logo in awhile, and while I do like the new sans-serif, flatter look, I'm not sure I entirely like the change. Where the old logo seemed a little off due to its still-serif'ed font, this new one seems slightly off to me as well, while I can't quite put my finger on why.

Maybe it's the close spacing between the letters, or the slant of the "e" not matching the "G", but something just strikes me as not quite right. On the whole I think I view the change as a positive, and I'm sure I'll get used to it over time, even though I'm not completely sure if it's the best fit for the time being. I'm no typographer or graphic designer though, so what does it matter? ;)