"iOS 9.0 Update Day" Links

Or, the other big day for Apple nerds in September.

As I'm sure most of you know, Apple's iOS 9 update launched to the public today. As such we were met not only with the new software from Apple itself, but a torrent of reviews, app updates, and links from different blogs all traversing in-between one another.

It's one hell of a day to be an Apple enthusiast. The big software update you've been waiting for (or dealing with - despite it's bugs - throughout the summer) has arrived, there's plenty of quality writing coming from all your favorite websites, and all your favorite apps begin updating to include all sorts of exciting new changes and features enabled by the new OS version.

If there's one day a year I'd call most like nerd-Christmas for me, it's today. I've been knee-deep in changelogs, 200+ page articles, and my Twitter feed all day trying to keep up with the things going on. And so rather than drop a bunch more links into your RSS or Twitter feeds, I thought I'd just write a sort of weird step-cousin to an A-Players post, and put my favorite links from today all together.

I promise I'll try my best to be brief.

On iOS 9 Itself:

  • Publishing by far the most jaw-dropping piece today, Federico Viticci's iOS 9 review spans 23 pages and over 48,000 words. It's truly a testament not just to a big software update or to a big fruit company, but to just how much Federico loves what he does. I'll be reading through his review in eBook form over the next couple days thanks to my new Club MacStories membership, and I bet I'll enjoy it through and through. I only hope I can muster the sort of hustle, dedication, and care that Federico has put into this review someday in my own creative endeavors. Cheers Federico, I raise my demitasse to you.

  • In a shorter but more concise take on iOS 9 with some truly incredible graphics, Rene Richie published his own review for iMore earlier this morning. It too is a solid read, and while even I tire of reading about the same features over and over, Rene's journalistic take on the software update made it different enough from the other pieces I read today that it was still engaging.

  • Filling in the rest of the cracks as far as iOS 9 goes are Jason Snell writing about the new iPad-specific features for Six Colors, The Sweet Setup's iOS 9 and WatchOS 2 overview pieces, and last - but certainly not least - are David Spark's more personal musings about what he's ended up using in the new update, and some tips to go along with them. All are stellar pieces of writing, and all are worth at least a glance.

On Updates & Apps:

  • In what was probably the biggest surprise of my day, developer Marco Arment launched a new web content blocker named Peace which combines the solid ad-blocking back-end of Ghostery with the quality front-end details that have made Marco's past projects like Overcast shine. I went into the day not knowing which content blocker I intended to end up using on my iOS devices, but the second I saw that Marco had put out his own app I snatched it up. Since then Federico has already written a solid review of the app, and as of the time of writing Peace was standing atop the Paid iPhone apps top chart. Huge congratulations to Marco. He deserves it, and Peace looks to be another solid addition to both his portfolio and my devices.

  • The folks over at AgileBits took advantage of today not only to update 1Password with split-screen multitasking support, Spotlight Search, further Apple Watch support, and many other features - but they also managed to cram in a nice visual facelift to boot! A little bit of "Bits Blue," some flattening of the UI, and you've got one attractive looking password vault. The team wrote up a blog post going over the changes, and it's definitely worth a look through if you're a 1Password user.

  • Instapaper also received it's own visual update - Version 7 - with a newly redesigned iPad layout, thumbnail images adorning your feed when possible, and several iOS 9-specific additions like split screen multitasking, picture in picture video, and the addition of the new San Francisco font to Instapaper's text formatting options. A super solid update, and once again it's worth a read of the team's update blog post if you're even a little interested in the app.

  • Rounding out the most important-to-me of the apps that received updates today, the Omni Group went all-in on overhauling their suite of productivity apps with new iOS 9 features, and covered it all in their "Multitask with Omni & iOS 9" blog post. I've been using the OmniFocus update all throughout the day with it's split screen multitasking, Spotlight Search integrations, and new WatchOS 2 complication - and it seems like a supremely useful addition across the board to Omni's apps. It'll be even better once more of my iPad's apps can support working alongside OmniFocus in split screen mode, but even now the benefit of the update is very real.

  • And for the final item on my list, Tapbots finally showed off screenshots of their new Tweebot for iPad on Twitter today, accompanied by the promise that the update will indeed be coming soon. As someone who still uses the iOS 6-esque Tweetbot 2.0 on their iPad to this day, the universal update can't come soon enough.

So much for brief I guess, but I hope you at least found one or two interesting things you hadn't already read today. I've had a terrific time reading and rejoicing with the other iOS users and developers on Twitter today, it truly is a great time to be an Apple need.

Now go run off and have fun playing with all your new software-Christmas-toys. That's certainly what you'll find me up to for the foreseeable future.