Mixed Bag - VSCO Journal


"Benjamin Rasmussen wants you to look at the legalization of marijuana from a business perspective. The photographer — who has been commissioned a dozen times by publications such as The New York Times, Businessweek, and Fortune to document various pot growing facilities in the Denver, Colorado, area — made a decision early on about how he would shoot the marijuana business. It’s not the way you might think. “So often what publications want are the crazy dudes smoking pot, or the thousands of people at a 4/20 rally all exhaling together,” says Benjamin. “And I get it, but you’re missing the rest of what is going on here.” "

What I especially found interesting about the piece is the diversity shown across the new industry out in Denver. Reading through the piece one can see the "stereotypical pot-head" aesthetic next to "average joe" looking workers, or a boutique strain seller standing behind a glass counter next to a pot-critic lighting up in front of his laptop.

My feeling on the legalization of marijuana has been and still is pretty neutral, but nonetheless I found it fascinating to get a glimpse of how culture will be a little different once pot is legal in more and more places. Food for thought, and gorgeous photography of course.