Josh Ginter's Review of the Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol Watch

Josh Ginter, writing for Tools & Toys:

"Let’s face it: the future is going to be connected. Super computers in our pockets, pencil-thin slabs of glass in our bags, and digital assistants on our wrists have already become the norm. It won’t be long before our cars drive themselves and our homes are powered entirely by the sun’s rays.

So why, in a world of all this beautiful connectedness, would one buy an analog wristwatch? Why would one choose to unplug from the world?

Two reasons: Style. And more style."

I remember seeing that Josh had gotten a Daniel Wellington a month or so ago, and while I was aware of the brand and their gorgeous watches beforehand, I was still hoping that he'd end up writing about it. Well, here we are a couple months later and Josh has done just that - in his ever-rising level of quality of both photographs and writing.

With all due praise given, I couldn't help but feel a bit conflicted when reading Josh's piece. I've been using an Apple Watch ever since launch day and have come to appreciate and rely on it's connectivity and fitness features far more than I ever thought I would. It's extremely useful, and it's beautifully designed for a smartwatch, but it also doesn't pull on my heartstrings in the same way that Daniel Wellington's minimalist sensibility does.

Several times whilst reading Josh's review I contemplated what I would even do if I were to purchase a beautiful, analog watch. And I couldn't figure out the answer. I love using my Apple Watch throughout the day and it more than earns it's keep, but I honestly can't answer to if I'd end up swapping-out the Daniel Wellington or something similar sometimes if one were to fall into my lap.

Like I said, I'm conflicted. But there's one thing for sure that Josh is right about, and that's that the Daniel Wellington just exudes style. Make sure and give Josh's review a read, as I doubt you'll find a more gorgeously-photographed DW Watch out there even with the company's fantastic Instagram feed.