My Initial Reservation with the iPad Pro

If you - dear reader - follow Apple like I do, then today was a big day. Apple had one of their busiest keynote events ever - announcing new Apple Watch casings and bands, the new iPad Pro, the new TV, and of course the new iPhone(s) 6s. Nearly everything Apple announced today made my wallet start to burn a bit. Everything that is, except the iPad Pro.

I've been using an iPad Air 2 as my only computer for the better part of a year now, and I was expecting to be at least a little intriguied by the rumored iPad Pro. A larger iPad with more power under the hood and more professional use cases has the potential to improve or enhance one's workflow - especially someone who already works from an iPad primarilly. Except - and I know it's too early for this to be anything but an inital impression - I don't think the iPad Pro will do any of those things for me, largely due to the device's size.

Many of my favorite use cases for the iPad rely on it's size being one that's large enough to be productive while also being portable and versatile enough to be used in many ways naturally. I thumb-type in portrait, I pace around the house whilst reading, and I rely on being able to hold the thing one handed without it feeling awkward or tiring after a few minutes.

These aren't edge-cases for me. These are things that I do on a daily basis, things that I rely on to be able to read and write productively for both this site and school. And from what I can tell, they'll be nothing short of nightmarish on a larger, heavier iPad Pro. Something nearly the size and weight of a Macbook Air just won't work for my lightweight purposes.

I really don't mean to come across as dismissive of the new device though. The iPad Pro will be great for people who have been waiting with baited breath to run their office apps side-by-side on iOS or draw with a precision stylus on the screen. And I'm happy that Apple is finally giving consumers and developers alike new reasons to give the iPad a good, hard look.

For what I love about my iPad though, I don't think there's anything about the Pro that would make me line up with my wallet ready come November. And with there seemingly not being a new addition to the iPad Air line this year, there's thankfully nothing there to tempt me either.

The beauty of the iPad as a computer to me is that it's so capable and natural in a device that I can use almost anywhere and in almost any way. And until Apple phases it out or convinces me otherwise, I don't think that's going to change.