A-Players: Week of January 17th

Hello again all,

I'm afraid once again that I've had a particularly busy week. I was happy with being able to get out what I consider to be a more long-form style article with my Warby Parker Haskell piece earlier in the week, but aside from that the rest of my time was quickly absorbed by a last few school assignments for the semester and a handful of consecutive shifts at work. Such is life, eh?

Regardless, I'm happy to bring you guys another A-Players roundup to peruse through on your Saturday afternoon. I'm proud of this selection of links that I consider to be pretty diverse, and I'm hoping you'll all have a good time reading along with me.

And of course - thank you for joining me, as always 😁☕

  • The AirPort Extreme - The Newsprint - A short and sweet post from Josh Ginter's The Newsprint covering the basics of what makes Apple's AirPort Extreme router great, and why it still holds up years after it's introduction in a world full of arachnid-a/c devices. There are few writers and photographers online I follow that could've made a router look so beautiful, but Josh manages it here in loads. A solid writeup, but drop-dead gorgeous photos. Easily my favorite shots from anywhere this week.

  • Getting Drafts Right For 2016 - Macdrifter - In what is definitely the most technical piece this week, Gabe Weatherhead goes over how he's refined his Drafts app workflow down to it's essentials going into 2016. iOS functions a lot differently now that it has extensions fully implemented, and so reconsidering the typical Drafts workflow is something that I think would have major merit. I'm not a religious Drafts user but I'd like to use the app more, and Gabe's piece has inspired me to do so.

  • An Incomplete Education - kung fu grippe - This now 6 year old post from Merlin Mann was a treat to read for me. I know Merlin from his various podcasts these days, but I didn't know that he used to write. This piece talks about some of his fundamental guidelines for when living with a female significant other in your life. It's well written, pretty sage, and good fun to read. Many of Merlin's recommendations weren't new to me - I try to be pretty good to my girlfriend as much as I can - but it did serve as a reminder to try even harder because she's really special. I appreciate this piece for that.

  • Distractions - Matt Gemmell - Another older post that I stumbled back across this week, I really enjoyed Matt Gemmell's pieces covering the Apple Watch back from when it first came out. This piece in particular is really expressive about one of the main benefits of the device - keeping you free from the buzz and ding-filled hell that phone notifications have become these days. Keep a short leash on what you allow through and what you answer to directly, and you'll be so much more free with an Apple Watch. His follow-up piece covering his initial watch setup back last year was also a good re-read, and inspired me to try and take advantage of my watch a little more on the daily. Both good fun and evergreen pieces - at least to a nerd like me.

  • The Ten Most Popular Web Fonts of 2015 (And Fonts You Should Consider Using Instead) - Typewolf - Despite what I consider to be a somewhat messy and clickbait-ish title, this list of the 10 most popular fonts on the web from the past year put together by Typewolf was a pretty good read. It's interesting to see what so many sites out there are using, and Typewolf has a pretty extensive list of recommendations for alternatives to the norm. Maybe it's just because I'm thinking about tweaking some fonts in my life soon, but I loved this one.

  • The Everyday Landscapes Of Venice By Claudia Corrent – Ignant.de - Another great piece comes to us from Ignant this week, this time featuring photographs of the seldom-seen side of Venice taken by Claudia Corrent. Like the article says, these pastel colors and quiet scenes are a lot different from the usual photos that one sees of Venice. And like I always say, it's wonderful to be swept away to some other beautiful place even for a couple minutes through a piece like this one.