Homescreen - January 2016

Between all the New Years festivities and my own post acknowledging the end of the year, one might have the impression that I was ready to begin 2016 with a post like this. You'd be wrong, I forgot - hence it being a couple days late. 😝

Even before I dig into the individual app changes this time around, the largest change in my homescreens - if visually subtle - is that nearly all the apps between my iPhone and iPad are universal apps now. Besides being able to transition between the devices more seamlessly in use, this means that unlike previous homescreen posts I'll only have one list of my currently used apps, rather than the two that were specific to each device. There are still a couple holdouts, but the list gets closer to one-to-one every month.

After the list I'll go over a couple of the changes, and that'll be all for this installment. I hope you all enjoy reading through these little technical details of my devices, I know that's what fascinates me about others' homescreens.



The Rest:

The biggest changes to the layout come in the form of consolidating down the folders on my iPhone in order to add my two writing apps in, and to have the layout more in-line with my iPad's. I used to have separate "Health" and "Work" folders on my phone, but they never made all that much sense, and so I've decided to consolidate them into the same "Utilities" and "Misc." folders you'll find on my iPad. It hardly makes a difference when nearly everything in the folders is launched through Spotlight anyways, and so it's a no-brainier to get two more spaces for apps on-screen.

With those two spaces I added the new Ulysses for iPhone (which is currently in beta) and Pinner, which are both apps I use daily to do my reading and writing for MBS-P-B. I'll go into more detail on Ulysses in my full review of the universal update, but to say it's been nice to have my favorite writing app on my iPhone would be an understatement. Quick edits, adding links to A-Players posts, or smaller blog updates are so much more seamless than before.

Pinner isn't as pretty as my previous Pinboard client of choice - Pushpin - but it's speed to support new iOS 9 multitasking features and automatic Quick-Add action extension make it indispensable to me as I read things around the web that I want to save, and later on when I can quickly pull my bookmarks into writing using split-screen on my iPad. Pinboard itself is a great tool in general, and well worth the price of entry if you haven't checked it out yet.

The only other homescreen change of note is that I'm in the middle of a transition from Mailbox to Spark for my email client of choice. Mailbox is going the way of the dodo, and Spark hasn't yet released the beta for their iPad app - which leaves me with the somewhat messy email setup you see here. Hopefully it'll be a lot more streamlined the next time I write one of these posts for you all.

I hope something about this has ended up being interesting to some of you, I love reading these sorts of things about others' setups.

I'd love to hear from you guys on your own homescreens, or what you'd like me to write about next. You can find me @mbs_p_b on Twitter, if you're so inclined.

Cheers, and happy new year.