A-Players: Week of January 3rd

Hello again all,

With the holidays firmly in the rear-view, life has begun to transition back into a more normal flow again. This can be both welcome and unwelcome, but as for me I've had an ok time of it. Besides a couple days where I lost my voice due to illness, I've found it easier to write this week, easier to get up and do the todo's I've planned out for the day, and just easier to function in general. I'm hoping you, reader, have found the new year to be just as good so far.

In the way of links this week, I think I was able to put together a pretty varied selection. Hopefully full of the usual tech-intrigue, inspiration, and photographic relaxation that you guys have come to know well in these weekly roundups. A sincere thank you for reading along with me - as always - and I'll see you all back here again next week.

  • May the App Store Be With You — Medium - One of the things I really loved reading this week was Ben McCarthy's Medium post on his app - Obscura Camera - and it's recent success over the holiday season. I still have thoughts of trying to make an app every now and again, and it's heartwarming to hear a success story coming from such an accessible place. I'm glad Ben shared his story, it made me happy to read.

  • The Website Obesity Crisis - Idle Words - A topical talk from Pinboard creator Maciej Cegłowski on the current state of the web and web design, specifically focusing on the various aspects of what he calls "website obesity." Maciej makes a lot of good points on what's wrong with many modern websites today, and how it will likely only lead to their downfall in the coming months and years. We'll see how it all shakes out of course, but for now I'd call Maciej's talk one of the better overviews of the situation I've seen.

  • Do Better — Five O’ Clock — Medium - Coming to us from the shaving brand Harry's medium blog this week, Yale Hollander shares his thoughts on New Year's resolutions, and why we should just focus on doing better than the previous year rather than setting unrealistic or overly specific goals for ourselves. This is essentially how I structured my own resolutions this year - reiterating my goals of being healthier, doing more creative work, and trying to just be a better person. Even improving just a little at those things will be a victory for me this year. Yale says much the same, and it's definitely a point of view to which I subscribe. Worth a read.

  • Doing What You Love Is Going To Be Fucking Hard - Life Learning - Medium - While this next piece (again from Medium) won't convey anything new to people who have already begun working hard towards doing what they love, I do agree with everything it has to say. This piece is a reminder that even though it will be "Fucking Hard" to do what you love sometimes, it's always worth it to push to the next big break just around the corner. Uplifting to me personally, and hopefully to you too.

  • 25 Best Coffee Shops in America - Gear Patrol - I don't frequent Gear Patrol's site on a regular basis (who knows, maybe I should) but this piece from them showcasing what they think are the 25 best coffee shops in the US was a lot of fun to skim through. I can't vouch for the legitimacy of their choices as far as them being the best coffee shops, but this piece does give a great jumping-off point to find good coffee anywhere in the US. Good stuff.

  • Bake your own bread - What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today - A short and sweet piece from Marta Greber encouraging the less cooking-savvy of us to start making our own bread. I don't know when I'll get the chance to go ahead and do so myself, but making homemade bread as gorgeous-looking (and hopefully as tasty) as Marta's has got to be on my bucket list at this point.