A Candid Recommendation

Yesterday - to my delight - three of my internet friends and fellow writers struck out on a new endeavor. It's a photography podcast named Candid, meant to cover photography in many of it's broad forms, and is hosted by Marius Masalar, Josh Ginter, and Àlvaro Serrano.

I've listened to the first episode - wherein the three hosts chat about bokeh and it's role in photography, Craig Mod's Leica Q review, and some lens-nerdery - I have to say that I really enjoyed it. I'm in a different place with photography than any of the three hosts are, but I still found the conversation interesting and fun - on top of the delight of finally getting to hear what three of my online acquaintances sounded like for the first time inside of their seemingly-natural chemistry.

I can already tell this show has the potential to be something awesome, and the three guys over at Candid.fm can definitely count me as subscribed. And if you're interested in photography at just about any level I'd say you probably should too.

Here's to many more great episodes guys 😁📸