A-Players: Week of February 21st

Hello again all,

Where I am it is cold outside, but a cozy day to be indoors enjoying ones' favorite beverage. My home state of Michigan was hit with a sizable amount of snow this past week, and so more than ever I'm glad that I work at a nice café where I'm able to write to you from.

This week struck me as a bit out-of-the-ordinary with the pieces of writing that were published. People I'd never read before, pieces that seem inevitably good after the fact, and overall I have to say that I'm left pretty satisfied with what's in store for you all this week. Another Viticci masterpiece, a more niche product review than usual, 2,200 words on writing process, and some reflection and photo pieces to round it all out.

Thank you again for reading along with me. It keeps the end of my weeks happy getting to assemble little compilations for you all, and so I hope to see you all back here again next week. Enjoy 🙂📰

  • Working on the iPad: One Year Later, Still My Favorite Computer – MacStories - Federico Viticci has done it again with another e-book length piece on how he's been using iOS and his iPad for 99% of his computing needs. Much like Federico, I've been using an iPad as my primary computer for long enough now that the device, iOS, and it's apps all feel second-nature to me. And to try to move back to using OS X would feel alien and strange - I'm just not used to a desktop computer anymore. With every piece Viticci publishes on the subject I see more and more people making the switch, and that can only mean better things for iPad users on the whole. More support, more writing on the subject, more apps, more of everything that makes the iPad a terrific platform. Thanks 'Teech, you're spreading the iPad love better than anyone else out there.

  • The James Brand County Pocket Knife Review - Tools and Toys - There are certain niches that Ben Brooks falls into that no other writer I follow does, and knives is definitely one of them. I've been meaning to get around to buying and reviewing a knife at some point, but until then I'll rely on Ben for what small knowledge I do have. His review of the James Brand County knife is well-written, and definitely made me think more about what sort of knife I'll eventually be purchasing. We shall see. For now though, just read Ben's piece - it's great.

  • My Writing System with Ulysses, CoSchedule and Scrivener - Curtis McHale - I'd never heard of Curtis McHale's writing before, but in this piece he does an absolute bang-up job of covering how he uses Evernote, Ulysses, and Scrivener for writing of various shapes and sizes. I'm always curious to hear how different people get their writing done, and so I found this piece fascinating. Writing software is something I'm thinking and reading about a lot lately, so I hope you don't mind me cutting you guys in on this most recent nerdery.

  • Mobile, smartphones and hindsight - Benedict Evans - A nice retrospective and reminder piece from Ben Evans about smartphones and the tech market in general based off his past 15 years of work in it. Everything we accept as fact now will change, and however things stand in another 15 years there will be parts of it we wouldn't be able to believe today. Scary, but exciting. We all love this field for a reason.

  • Omotesando Tokyo: Requiem For A Coffee Bar - Sprudge - A really interesting piece describing a small, single-barista, single-customer coffee experience in Japan. Every time I read something about Japan and the coffee-scene there it just makes me want to visit more.

  • Valle d’Aosta - Cereal - A beautiful, brief photo story from Mont Blanc - the tallest point in Europe. Cereal never seems to dissapoint with their content, and I loved how this piece was able to capture a little bit of the serenity shown by the photos in it's wording. More pieces should be like this. via Josh Ginter