A-Players: Week of March 6th

Hello again all,

This week in my life has been another one of both ups and downs. On the upside, we've had some truly great weather this week and I had a couple days off from work and school to enjoy it. On the downside, I endeavored to have a review of the new Ulysses update ready for its launch this past Wednesday. And if you follow my feed, you'll know that didn't happen yet. I'd still love to do it, and I'll keep pressing onward. 🙂

In both my busy and relaxed times this week I did happen to read through some really enjoyable pieces online, and so I have plenty of material to recommend you all come this Saturday morning. Digital and analog pens, photo pieces from two different places around the world, and a couple other quality pieces - it should be a blast.

I have to thank you - the reader - once again for stopping by to read and check in with me. I feel bad admitting it, but I've had a tough time writing recently. I really hope to have something to show for that silly struggle soon. We'll see.

Until next week, and enjoy. ☕

  • An Apple Pencil-drawn review of the Apple Pencil - iMore - Serenity Caldwell kicked this week off right over at iMore with her hand-drawn review of the Apple Pencil. I've seen plenty of awesome sketches from 'Ren over the past several months since the iPad Pro's launch, and this review is a perfect example of both her awesome style at iMore, and the Apple Pencil's myriad usefulness. It's not a long read, but it's great fun.

  • How to Really Port Your Mac App to iPhone - Medium - The Ulysses team have been hard at work the past year making the app that to this day is the writing app that works best for me. In this post Marcus Fehn penned a letter both apologizing for his spoof piece a week ago and explaining a little of how the Soulmen are feeling regarding the new 2.5 update. It's a doozy of an update, and I was glad for any sort of peek into how the team feels about it from the inside.

  • Getting to Know Hobonichi: Pens - Three Staples - I've enjoyed Jinnie's miniseries on the Hobonichi Techo on her Three Staples blog so far, but this latest piece covering how the paper handle's various pens and inks was the most interesting to me personally. The Tomoe River paper is practically legendary among the writers I follow online, and so a comprehensive piece from Jinnie and her awesome collections of pens and inks is a joy to go through. If you're a pen, ink, or stationary nerd this will definitely please you, and I never tire of Jinnie's quality and unique photo style.

  • Why you should stop cold-brewing, and use the Japanese Iced Coffee Method - Pax Coffea - I had several coffee-related delights at the beginning of this week. The first was that it was finally warm enough here in Michigan for me to start enjoying cold brew coffee again, and the second was that in doing some research on the style I stumbled upon Peter Giuliano's tremendous coffee blog - Pax Coffea - for the first time. His writing is stellar, and he covers coffee in ways both technical and philosophical alike. This piece talks specifically about some of the differences between warm, cold, and Japanese-iced style brewing methods - which seemed very appropriate with this week's warmer weather. Enjoy the piece, and if you're a coffee nerd like me make sure to check out the rest of Peter's blog. It's absolutely worth your time.

  • Winter Hiking in Navacerrada - Tools and Toys - My friend Àlvaro must've had a great time in the last week or so both going hiking, and then subsequently putting together this piece. It's a photo story covering his hike through the Navacerrada mountain pass - one of the highest in Spain - and both the photographs and writing to accompany them really do delight. I loved getting to be along for Álvaro's adventure, and it's definitely my favorite photo piece in awhile.

  • 72 hrs in Alberta and The Rockies - Finn Beales - I'm pulling out somewhat of an old favorite piece of mine for the end of this week's photography selection. I first ran across these photos back when VSCO featured the 7-photogs-one-van road trip that was the 1x1Alberta project, and since then I've revisited my favorite photos from that project - many of which were taken by Finn Beales. I've featured his work before in A-Players posts, but this series of photos are even more special to me. I've admired them for several years now, and they never fail to impress me and give me that sense of wanderlust all over again. I love Finn's work in general, but these are absolutely up there for his best in my book.