A-Players: Week of March 13th

Hello again all,

This week has been... Another week a little too much like the past few for my liking. Rather than dwell on it though, I'd like to present you guys with what links I managed to put together in the time-being.

This week we'll see the new Samsung flagship phone, check out product reviews from several awesome writers, read the next saga in Josh Ginter's 6-vs-6-Plus struggle, see Nintendo's first mobile app, and end it all with a nice cup of tea.

I hope you all enjoy the week's allotment of links. Thank you again so much for reading along with and hanging in there with me. I'll see you all here next week 🙂☕

  • The Great Galaxy Experiment: Day 1 - Marius Masalar - Marius Masalar started out my weekly reading with his first impressions of the new Samsung flagship phone - the Galaxy S7 Edge. While I still disagree with many of Samsung's design choices and other things, even I have to admit that they've improved drastically over the past year or two. I might not have the desire or the money to test a switch back to Android myself, but thankfully Marius does. I'm looking forward to more entries in this series, and seeing how Marius ends up feeling in the end.

  • Das Keyboard - Egg Freckles - Nothing like a good keyboard review every once and awhile, and Thomas Brand's jump into modern mechanical keyboards certainly fits that bill. A longtime Apple Extended Keyboard user, it was interesting to get his perspective as he makes the jump to the present-day MX switches and Das keyboard lines. I feel like I've read an awful lot about mechanical keyboard for only typing on a passing few in my time using computers. I might have to remedy that sometime soon. Until then, Thomas' piece is plenty interesting for a casual keyboard nerd like me. Maybe it will be for you too.

  • The Rode PSA-1 Boom Arm - Tools and Toys - Álvaro Serrano recently struck out with two of my other online friends to start the fantastic photography podcast Canvas, and so a review like this was only a matter of time. I'm still removed from actually doing any podcasting, but it's something I'd definitely be interested in for the future and so Àlvaro's review of the Rode PSA-1 Boom Arm was of interest to me at least. Well made stuff is well made stuff, and whether it's a camera or a podcasting mic arm Àlvaro does a great job on the review both with his writing and photography. I always love to recommend his work.

  • Two Cents 005: I Should Have Bought the iPhone 6s Plus - The Newsprint - Josh Ginter went with the 4.7-inch iPhone 6s last fall, and even though he gave the phone a stellar review I always had a feeling he'd miss the Plus-size from his previous phone. Come 6 months later now and it looks like my hunch was right. I don't know if Josh intends to get a 6s Plus before the likely iPhone(s) 7 come out this fall, but it makes me happy to know they another of my fellow writers has - even if only in opinion - has rejoined the Plus-Club.

  • Miitomo Hands-on Preview - Nintendo World Report - Nintendo has always been one of my favorite companies growing up, and just recently I both bought myself a 2DS handheld (after deliberating for a year) and after a long wait the company launched their first mobile app on iOS and Android: Miitomo. I'm interested in this sort of thing for the first time in awhile, and the company's first attempt at mobile seems to be interesting as well - it being a sort of pseudo-social-network based around asking and answering questions, Mii's, and loads of ways you can customize their outfits. Nintendo World Report took a look at the early Japanese release of the app - and while I have to admit that it sounds crazy from an outside perspective, it also sounds just weird enough to be intriguing. I'll have to try the app out upon its US release, we'll see how it goes once it lands.

  • Sweet Heat: Marrakech’s Real Mint Tea - Life & Thyme - As a photo journey this week we're whisked off to Marrakech's market streets to visually taste and visit a traditional tea cafe. Life and Thyme does a stellar job as they usually do with weaving photography together with words, and it really is an experience to behold. Sit back, take this piece in, and enjoy.


~ Mike