A-Players: Week of February 28th

Hello again all,

If I'm being honest, this was a bit of an off week for me. Nothing went particularly wrong, but I had a tough time getting up, a tough time writing, and a tough time doing anything this side of reading.

I do have a fun piece in the works that should be ready for you all later this week, and thankfully my time reading this week has brought a pretty good selection of links for you all this week. We'll touch on some wishes for Apple's future software, go into some serious nerdery about notebooks and Star Wars, and then end the week off with both a beautiful film and photo story.

It should be a good time, and I should both apologize for this edition's tardiness, and say thank you all as usual for reading along with me. I hope it's a good time going through these links, and I'll see you all next Saturday.

  • WWDC Wish List - High Caffeine Content - Yep, It's that time of the year again. June is approaching on the horizon and tech writers everywhere have started daydreaming about what software changes we could hope to expect come summer. Steve Stroughtonsmith ( I dearly hope that is is name 😝 ) has the best out this year so far, and his wish list covers both little feature niceties and substantial system overhauls. It was a good read, and got the gears turning in my head as to how iOS could serve me even better.

  • The Best Health, Better Apps, and Outstanding Communication: My watchOS 3 Pitch – BirchTree - Following in the software-wish list theme, Matt Birchler put together a stellar pitch of what he thinks WatchOS 3 should hold in store for us. I agree with nearly everything Matt says here - especially in that fitness should be even more important in WatchOS 3, and also that the app situation as a whole should get a substantial re-thinking - even though I doubt it will this year. This ought to be a good summer for software, and Matt's piece just makes me more hopeful.

  • Field Notes Colors: Snowblind - Three Staples - With another impending Field Notes COLORS release coming sometime soon, Jinnie has once again put out a stellar review of this past season's edition. Much like me she really liked Snowblind's color-changing cover, but didn't get to see it nearly enough. She still put the full Jinnie-review-treatment on Snowblind regardless, and so I'd highly recommend checking her piece out for the great little tidbits that she covers.

  • The Complete Conceptual History of the Millennium Falcon - Kitbashed - In probably my favorite read of the week, Michael Heilemann put together what one can call the most comprehensive look into the design process for the Millennium Falcon outside of Lucasfilm. While I'm a big fan of the series, I'm afraid I'm not quite staunch enough a nerd-historian to have known much of this piece's lore beforehand. That's just fine though, because throughout the essay I had a great time learning all about the twisting formation of the 'Falcon as we know it today. A great piece, and a must-read for any Star Wars fan.

  • This Alfa Romeo Spider Is A Wide Open Spirit - Petrolicious - I was inspired to put in this link after seeing a later-model Spider out on a drive myself this past Sunday. I'd seen the film awhile back, and it was drawn to mind when I did do some research later that night. Cars are cool things, and I'd say inarguably that Alfa's are some of the coolest. Petrolicious makes gorgeous films about all sorts of cars, and if this is your first time seeing their work then I'd highly encourage watching a couple more. They're a pleasure.

  • A Road Trip Through The Californian Desert – iGNANT.de - Ending off this week we're taken on a well-shot trip through the dry deserts and deserted landscapes of California. Color-monotone mountain ranges, broken-down retro furniture, and a row of knee-high boots - all these adorn this visual treat. A glimpse into a side of Americana one rarely sees, and a serene break in a wild week.