A-Players: Week of March 27th

Hello again all,

First and foremost I'll apologize for the lack of an A-Players post last week. I've been struggling to do creative work all March long, and it came to a head last week when Saturday morning rolled around and I hadn't added a single link to my usual Ulysses sheet. I decided to take the week off to regroup, not knowing that I'd find myself in the same situation come this Friday evening.

So this week I finished the - admittedly simple - piece. In store below you'll find some quality thoughts on the new iPhone SE, the justification to a bad feeling I had about IFTTT, an adorable bag review from Erin Brooks, and some beautiful photography and illustrations to accompany it all as well.

If you follow me on Twitter you might also know that this I'll be heading to New York for this upcoming week with my family. Officially it's for spring break, but rather than dedicate most of my time there to relaxation I'm planning to try and use the experience to jumpstart some creative bits of me that seem stalled. I have cafes and restaurants mapped out, sights I want to see in mind, and experiences to live planned. I'll try and think of something cool to do with the photos or writing that I do there. Stay tuned.

Thank you all - as usual - for reading along with me. I'm glad to be back doing even a little bit of writing, and I'm grateful that you guys are sticking around and coming back to read when I have something published.

Please do enjoy this week's links, and I'll see you all back here next Saturday.

  • The iPhone SE - Daring Fireball - John Gruber's thoughts have become some of the highlights of each Apple review season as of late. Never too early, and always well-thought-out - John is the definitive Apple blogger for a reason. He showed that once again this week with some simple and smart thoughts about the smaller iPhone SE. I don't pine after the SE, but I always pine after quality tech writing like this.

  • My Heroic and Lazy Stand Against IFTTT - Pinboard Blog - Maciej Ceglowski - creator of a great bookmarking service: Pinboard - took a stand against a new form of bullshit coming from IFTTT. IFTTT has always been a service I've been a bit wary of, with it feeling too much like a backdoor hack and less like a solid product to plug some of my most important accounts into. With Maciej's exposing of IFTTT's new policies for third parties I feel pretty validated in my opinion of the service. Be careful out there folks.

  • How the iPad Pro Changed My Illustrating Career - Medium - In case any of you missed out on this, 15 year-old Zoe Olson was particularly floored with the iPad Pro's drawing accommodations and how it helped her to her first paying illustrative work. She wrote a letter to Tim Cook as such with some stellar examples of her drawings on Medium, and almost as cool as her work itself is the fact that Tim Cook replied back to her. Here's your dose of heartwarming for the week - complete with some great illustrations.

  • Tom Bihn’s Sprout Backpack: A Review - The Brooks Review - Following that up with another link one could file under "adorable" - Erin Brooks brings us a review of Tom Bihn's Sprout (read: childrens) backpack. There are Erin's quality photos to enjoy as well as an exclusive interview with the Brooks' 4 year old daughter Sloane herself about what she thinks of the Sprout pack. The more I read about Tom Bihn the more I'm convinced I ought to buy something from them. Oh, and again - this review is adorable.

  • My Uncle Works for Nintendo - The Campo Santo Quarterly Review - Unlike many who will probably read this piece - I was not familiar with the "My Uncle Who Works for Nintendo" cliche beforehand. An oft-repeated claim by kids from the past couple decades, there's always an uncle who couldn't be reliably identified spouting some sort of crazy video-game-related information, but in this particular Firewatch-related story: The Uncle Is Real.

  • NYC | 01 - Minimally Minimal - Last, but not least I bring you an oldie-but-goodie travel guide from Andrew Kim & Minimally Minimal. With me heading to New York this week I was spending some time researching sightseeing spots and places to eat. I'm personally never dissapointed by Andrew's writing or his photography - and whether you're planning a New York trip like I am or just perusing the pretty photos, this piece is a worthy capper for this week's A-Players.