A-Players: Week of April 17th

Hello again all,

I do apologize first off that there hasn't been much activity here this past week. I've been mulling over several topics like Instagram photography and the iPad Pro's Smart Keyboard, as well as some tech-maintenance topics like email setup, OmniFocus workflows, and web designs.

I'm hoping to have some thoughts out to you soon as smaller pieces that should breathe some life into the site. In the meantime though, I've got plenty in store for this week's links.

Below you'll find some beautiful photographs of the iPad Pro by Mahmoud Mfinanga, dream setups and iOS 10 wishes, DCI-P3 displays, paper towels, and an out-of-the-ordinary city guide from my favorite food publication. Good stuff all around, to be certain.

Dig on in, and thank you ever so much for joining me to read again this week. I hope to speak to you all again soon about some varied topics, and until then I hope your weeks go well.

  • The iPad Pro - Emmazed - A great piece from Mahmoud Mfinanga that hit late this week giving us his take on the iPad Pro. Mahmoud finds the latest iPad to be transformative in many ways, but it's not quite professional enough for his photography workflow's needs yet. Regardless, his commentary is strong - but I find myself enjoying Mahmoud's visuals even more. Every time he reviews a product he finds creative new ways to visually showcase it and it's design. The piece is a joy to look through and even without the well-written thoughts I'd call it worth a look.

  • The Dream Setup - Initial Charge - Michael Rockwell follows along the iPad Pro line of thinking with a great piece about how his idea of a dream setup has changed and simplified over the past few years. I'm right there with Michael, and while I can admit that having a headless Mac Mini would be great for bulk storage and backup management, I'm totally happy running with just an iPad Pro 9.7" and iPhone 6s Plus as my dream setup for now. An iOS-only future for me is rapidly approaching - and Michael's well on his way too.

  • iOS 10: Wishes and Concept Video – MacStories - I know I linked to MacStories last week too, but Federico has been on a major roll the past couple weeks - and this week's preview of his iOS 10 wishes has some of his best work ever. Concept images and renders, Federico's annual round of good ideas, and a sweet overview video to boot. If you somehow missed this piece when it came out this week and are at all interested in iOS, then this should be first in your reading queue.

  • Looking at the Future - The Breakroom - Craig Hockenberry of the Icon Factory dug deep into the iPad Pro 9.7's new DCI-P3, True Tone display with a look into the difference it makes and what it will mean for computers and developers going forward. Until reading Craig's piece I don't think I fully grasped how important this new iPad's display is - and it'll be interesting to see if DCI-P3 really will render all older sRGB setups bland and monochrome-looking. If future technologies or display tech is interesting to you, then this is a must-read.

  • Joe Smith: How to use a paper towel - TED.com - A simple, excellent TED presentation that John Gruber linked to about how to properly use a paper towel. Just by following along with the video you and I can make a pretty sizeable difference on the world, and it's surprising how well this guy's hand-drying technique works. Give it a look and a try!

  • A Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) City Guide - Life & Thyme - Find yourself getting tired of the usual trendy city-guides from the London-s and New York-s of the world? Well Life & Thyme's look at the Vietnamese city of Saigon is a welcome departure from the usual, and features some really unique sights and recommendations to accompany the same great photos that we've come to expect from the publication. A great capper to the week, check out something new 🙂.