A-Players: Week of April 24th

Hello again all,

Spring continues to come in where I am, school starts to wind down, and time goes on. It hasn't been all that interesting of a week for me - but thankfully that's where this week's set of A-Players links come in for me. Hopefully they'll pick up some of the slack.

This week we have Marius Masalar's first bag review, some commentary on the Apple Watch and media industry, a first-car story, and two excellent photo pieces on the far-east of Asia.

I hope you'll enjoy the picks for this week, and thanks go to you as usual for showing up to read with me.

Have an excellent handful of days, and I'll see you next week.

  • The Wotancraft Scout Camera Bag Review - Tools and Toys - Marius Masalar gave us all a peek into his daily routine with his review of the Wotancraft Scout Camera Bag. This is Marius' first bag review online, but you wouldn't know it just by looking at or reading it. His photography is spot-on and the writing is up there with it. The Wotancraft is more of a style-and-substance bag rather than just one or the other. It has a lot of the things that I love about my ONA Prince Street, but it's a little more rugged and security-oriented than my minimal messenger bag. It's cool to see other companies diversifying into 'ONA's side' of the camera bag market. More competition is almost always a good thing.

  • Joe's Blog » Apple Watch: Almost a Year - Adding on to the latest round of Apple Watch opinion pieces, Joe Cieplinksi had a great piece going over the differences he has with other bloggers who have been complaining about the Apple Watch recently - and he does so in a way that both presents his argument and tells his Watch stories along the way. I can't say it any truer than by saying that I wish I'd written a piece like this - it's my kind of writing.

  • Your Media Business Will Not Be Saved - Joshua Topolsky - I've followed Joshua Topolsky and his endeavors on the Internet for the past 4 or so years. When The Verge first launched I loved his writing there, continued to seek out his content when he switched to Bloomberg Digital, and listened to his podcast after he left the Bloomberg gig as well. He's not always been the most right or the most reserved with his opinions, but he's able to convey his point in a way that I'd describe as quite well-written most of the time. Earlier this week he penned a concise post on Medium dishing out judgement to traditional Media Businesses, and made good points in doing so. Give it a read if online media is an interest of yours. I know I'm excited to see what Josh does next.

  •  COAL: 1993 Honda Prelude – My First Car - A great last-minute surprise this week in which Stephen Hackett - of 512 Pixels fame - wrote about his first car; a 1993 Honda Prelude. You'll read how he got it, what it was like to drive, and some nice stories from his time with it. There's more to come in this series according to Stephen, and I can't wait. The man writes a hell of a good car piece.

  • Travel Hacking A First Class Trip to Japan for Free - Need/Want - A piece billing itself as a sort of travel-hacking piece, I find Kevin Khandijan's piece on his trip to Japan to be far more of a photo-journal affair - and a good one at that. Kevin's general commentary and photos are great, and believe it or not his chronicling of Japan's various toilets are a highlight of the piece as well. This one's an interesting one, so give it a look.

  • On The Road Through China – Ignant.de - And of course another great photo piece from Ignant is how this week's A-Players will come to a close. Some brilliant photographs and little re-tellings of Luke Gram's trip through Mainland China. Between this and Kevin's piece your wanderlust should be well and truly piqued. Enjoy 🙂