A-Players: Week of May 1st

Hello again all,

These next few weeks will be my last ones in high school, and the beginning of a transition to a fuller job, then moving out, and after that real life I guess. I'm hoping I'll get the chance to baton down on my writing and fitness routines once more in-control of my days - but real life follows along with that freedom, so we'll see how it all goes. Wish me luck in this time, if you would.

As for the A-Players post this week, I have some great links in store for you all. Quality product reviews to peruse, a special Relay FM podcast episode, big-screened UI-design, some little typographic gems, and a cool coworking space to end the compilation out.

Thanks as always for coming back and reading along with me this week. I'm hoping you'll enjoy the week's links, and that you'll have a great couple days before coming back again.

  • A Review of the Leather Brixton by ONA - Tools and Toys - Álvaro Serrano bought his ONA Brixton sometime last fall, and ever since I've been looking forward to hearing his full thoughts on the larger of ONA's two main messenger bags. This review doesn't disappoint. From the photography to Álvaro's fair take on the Brixton's strengths and weaknesses. There's nothing quite like an ONA bag, and I doubt I'll ever tire of reading other's thoughts on them.

  • Fujifilm X70 Review - Marius Masalar - Marius is back again this week with another stellar review. This time it's on his personal site and is all about FujiFilm's interesting new compact camera; the X70. I'm a big fan of Fuji and their cameras, and as someone who really enjoys a fixed lens camera this whole piece was interesting to me. Any other camera-nerds out there - this ones for you.

  • Analog(ue) #79: Like in Pizza - Relay FM - Recently I realized that I rarely link to podcasts here in the A-Players posts, and while I don't think I'll include them every week extraordinary episodes of my favorite shows may warrant a link. This fortnight's episode of Myke Hurley and Casey Liss's Analogue was great as with Casey out of town his spot was replaced by Myke's better half - Adina Neamtu. I love when couples podcast, and this episode was chock-full not only of stories from Adina's life, but funny little bits back and forth between the two. It might not be the best episode for a first-time Relay listener, but if you're familiar with Myke and his work then this episode is a must-listen.

  • Big screens, even bigger lessons & learning to make tough calls - Kory Westerhold - NeuBible has been one of the apps on my "to check out" list for awhile, and with this week's upgrade to a universal, iPad-enabled app I finally bought a copy. It's obvious in use that Kory and Aaron have thought through the reading experience so thoroughly - and while I haven't dug in much yet it's definitely a joy to use. This piece details their process designing and pricing the new iPad update, and I love when devs divulge into the minutiae of their work. Well worth your read.

  • The Typographic Details Behind Typewolf’s Favorite Sites of April 2016 - Typewolf - The folks over at Typewolf always exhibit some of my favorite examples of typography across the web, and my favorite pieces from them are usually the monthly roundups like this one. The brilliant uses of color and unique typography is something I find inspiring - I hope maybe you will too.

  • A Minimal, Multifunctional Coworking Space In Seoul – Ignant.de - Man, do I wish I had something like this in my area; that and a good reason to use a coworking space in the first place. This is a great look by Ignant into the beautiful SEAM Center in Korea - where a wood-wrapped exterior gives way to a multi-tiered, 24-hour co-working space. Beautiful design at work here, and the photos of it are great too.