A-Players: Week of June 19th

Hello again all,

This week has been a good one. I got to publish a little creative piece to this blog for the first time in what feels like forever, I made a lot of coffee at my job, and I had time to run and rest as well. I'd call it a successful week.

I hope you all had excellent weeks, and along with that I've brought together some links for you all to read too - as is the usual. We've got analysis of tech features and operating systems, breakdowns of two different photo projects, an awesome-looking mechanical pencil, and some seriously nerdy typography too.

Thanks as always for showing up to read along with me. I'll try to have another good writing week, and I hope you all enjoy this week's links. See you all next Saturday.

  • Thoughts on Swift Playgrounds — Fraser Speirs - One of the most exciting announcements from last week's WWDC was the brand new Swift Playgrounds app that lets people learn & experiment with Swift right on iOS. Frasier Spiers goes hands-on with the app, and details some of what he thinks will be the app's greatest strengths for regular users and in education specifically. A great look at an exciting new tech-development to start off this week's links.

  • The Primary OS — The Brooks Review - Someday I'm going to write an extensive piece about why I love using iOS & my iPad so much more than a "traditional" computer, but until then I'll just continue to link to Ben Brook's pieces on the matter which resonate so much with me. Seriously, everything he says here is spot on.

  • Ohto Sharp Pencil 2.0 mm — Three Staples - I always delight in seeing another piece from Three Staple's author Jinnie in my RSS feeds. And her gorgeously-shot review of a really unique mechanical pencil this week delighted me with it's subject matter, and caught my eye with those awesome shots. I'll always say to keep it up Jinnie, your stuff is just so good.

  • Photo Walk Recap – Erin Brooks - In the second Brooks' piece this week, Erin Brooks had an awesome breakdown of her recent photo walk during WWDC week. Not only does she talk about the time she teaching & shooting, but she breaks down her editing process on a couple shots which lends an interersting glimpse of how she captures photos & her editing vision. A great little piece, I can't wait to read more from her.

  • What I Learned Photographing My Own Wedding - Eric Kim Photography - The last time I really got into photography Eric Kim was the main inspiration behind it. His documentary & street-photography styles, along with his passion for teaching really inspired me - and helped me start to grow as a photographer. I still read his blog from time to time, and just recently he had the awesome experience of getting married to his girlfriend Cindy. In true photographer fashion he documented some of the special day himself, and shares some cool insight in this piece.

  • Blade Runner - Typeset In The Future - It's only a few times a year that I get to link to David Addey's Typeset In The Future blog, but it's always a treat. His analysis of various sci-fi film greats use of typography - Blade Runner this time - is a delight for a type & sci-fi geek like myself. I can't think of a much better guilty pleasure.