A-Players: Week of July 3rd

Hello again all,

This week's links ought to be interesting to read through. I tried to focus on some of my more niche-interests to source the picks this time around, but you'll see some of the usual suspects in there as well.

I have to thank you all again - as I try to remember to do every week - for sticking with me even when I don't write very much, and for coming back every week to read through this week's A-Players.

I hope I can have some cool things to give you all soon. And I hope you all have a great week in the meantime, I'll see you here next weekend.

  • Some thoughts on the role of coffee in troubling times - Pax Coffea. - I'm almost certain I've linked to this before, but I wanted to start off this week with a piece that really resonates with me in times of sad national headlines. We had a few of those this week, and so I thought I'd share this piece talking about how important coffee can be for the community in times of trouble. As someone who devotes a lot of their time to working in a coffee shop, this really hits home.

  • The Ascaso i-Mini Coffee Grinder Review — Tools and Toys - I always enjoy reading Álvaro Serrano's latest product review, but when I saw a coffee-grinder review drop into my RSS feed this week I was overjoyed. A cool grinder recommendation for the beginning-to-intermediate coffee connoisseurs, and a well shot & written review to enjoy. I hadn't heard much in the way of Álvaro's coffee opinions before this piece, but with how much I loved reading this I certainly hope there's more to come.

  • Parading Bull: The Fujifilm X-T2 Review - jonasrask|photography - I don't really follow camera news all that often right now, but I do continue to read the odd piece that comes across my Instapaper Queue these days - and Jonas Rask's review of the new FujiFilm X-T2 was just that. The X-T2 is a hotly anticipated release by many working photographers, and so to reflect that Jonas took the camera through it's paces in as many different styles of photography as he could - rather than just what he was comfortable with. It all comes together into a fantastic review with great photography all-throughout. Definitely a good read for a camera or photography nerd.

  • The Miata Diaries Part I: The Hunt and The Privilege - Robert Ristuccia - It's no secret that the car I'm saving for right now will most likely be a Mazda Miata. I'm in love with the car's everyman take on the roadster formula, and for a design from the 90's it's already a classic look to my eyes. Robert Ristuccia has felt similar to me for awhile, and with this first blog update takes us through his recent Miata buying experience. Can't wait to read more from Robert, but for now I'll just keep looking at pretty pictures of his car.

  • Say You Don't Know Me: One Night in Pokémon Go - Paste Magazine - I won't lie, I've probably spent a little too much time with the new mobile Pokémon game this week. I actually have a lot of thoughts about it, but for now I'll leave you guys with this piece from Paste Magazine which I think captures a bit of what it's like to go out and play the game. The joy and camaraderie I've seen from those who're playing it has to be my favorite thing about Pokèmon GO so far, and I'm looking forward to see how long it'll hold me & my friends interest.

  • Antibes - Cereal - Let's end the week out by looking at some gorgeous photography. Cereal's various photo contributors never disappoint, and Alice Gao's summery shots of France's coast left me feeling a sense of wanderlust but also a sense of calm. I hope it rounds the week out well for you all.