A-Players: Week of July 17th

Hello again all,

It's been a few weeks since I last wrote to you guys like this, but in the time-being I've had the time to drink a lot of good cups of coffee, write a bit more than I have in weeks past, and read some fantastic pieces of writing interspersed throughout.

This week we'll take a look at some software, explore a couple cities in the region of Europe, revisit the summer of 2009's Field Notes release, check out a unique photograph, and end the week off with a great piece on Detroit Soup & how it's helping the modern-day city of Detroit.

Thank you as always for coming back & reading along with me. Let's dig in.

  • Some thoughts on Music in iOS 10 (beta) - Joe's Blog - Joe Cieplinski's piece from a week or so ago was in part the inspiration for my own dive into iOS 10's new lockscreen earlier this week. Joe's own take on the new Music.app is full of his own style & use-case, but that's what makes pieces like this interesting. I have my own opinions on Apple Music's new design, but it's good to see others' point of view too.

  • Scrivener for iPad and iPhone — MacSparky - I can't think of another person I follow online who's better suited to the longform-writing app Scrivener than David Sparks. David writes the awesome field guide series of books to help others to learn how to use technology, and so a book-writing app is right up his alley. The long awaited Scrivener for iOS app arrived this past week, and I'm glad to have a seasoned writer's take on the program. I don't have a use for Scrivener for the time being, but even I'm still eyeing the app just for how well-put-together it seems for a certain use case. Thanks for the recommend, David.

  • London, England & Paris, France - The Newsprint - Josh Ginter comes to us from his column The Newsprint with a double-feature of pieces looking at two of the cities he visited on he & his wife's recent trip to Europe. It's interesting reading how a friend experienced these places I only know in stereotype, and Josh's photography in these two pieces is just phenomenal. I hope Josh has more of these pieces up his sleeve to put out through the coming weeks - I need more like these in my Instapaper queue.

  • Field Notes Colors: Grass Stain Green — Three Staples - Another one of my friends from the blog-circle, this week Jinnie from Three Staples took us all the way back to Summer of 2009 with her take on the 3rd Field Notes COLORS release - Grass Stain Green. These books just get harder and harder to find over time, and out the handful of stationary-writers I follow I can't think of a better one to have their hands on one of these. Beautiful images, comparisons, and little observations. Go Jinnie!

  • The Story Behind One of Our Favorite Images - The ONA Blog - I remember about a year ago when this awesome photo of the ONA Prince Street appeared online, and I definitely did wonder how the artist did it so well at the time. Thanks to ONA inviting Alex Kapustin to guest-post on their company blog, now I know. What an incredible photograph, it makes me tempted to try some of this myself in the future - even if I know it won't be nearly as good as Alex's.

  • Soup Nourishes the Soul of a City - Life & Thyme - This last one is a long read, but as someone not far away from the city of Detroit where the piece is based I'd implore you to read it. Detroit Soup is an organization that brings many Detroiters together to have dinner, pay a small sum, and cast a vote to determine which local-project pitch gets the pot from the proceeds. Life & Thyme digs into the project's roots, intentions, and benefits, along with what exactly the modern-day Detroit is. Maybe I'm biased, but this is one of my favorite pieces from Life & Thyme in awhile.