A-Players: Week of June 26th

Hello again all,

Some late-night excursions along with some early-morning cafe shifts led to this week's A-Players being unexpectedly delayed on my end. But I don't believe it helps that problem much to go on about it - so let's dig into this week's links.

In this edition's picks we'll have some excellent business writing from Shawn Blanc, Vanguardian stationary reviews, a peek into the president's routine, Matt Gemmell's workout wisdom, and several scrumptious-looking food photography pieces for you all to enjoy. It ought to be a good time, so let's dig in.

Thanks as always for tuning in here and reading what I have to share with you all. Have a great week, and I'll write to you all again soon. 🙂☕

  • Six Figures in Seven Days: Behind the Scenes of The Focus Course Launch - The Power of a Focused Life - Shawn Blanc, his writing, and now his small-business in the form of The Focus Course have all been inspirations & things I've looked up to over time. With the Focus Course having just passed it's first birthday, Shawn took the opportunity to share the experience of pushing to launch a product, giving the little details your all, and pricing your work well. For anyone like myself who's looking to get more into online writing & business, I'd say this is required reading - it's good stuff.

  • Obama After Dark: The Precious Hours Alone - The New York Times - While this got linked to by several prominent blogs this week, I enjoyed this little glimpse into the president's routine enough to want to link to it this weekend. Too much of this world is structured for the extroverted, and I feel good knowing me & the POTUS both need our alone-time.

  • Review: Baron Fig Vanguard – The Well-Appointed Desk - Baron Fig just recently re-launched their smaller Apprentice notebook into a full-on line of soft notebooks - The Vanguard. Complete with three different sizes and rulings to choose from. Ana Reinert from the Well Appointed Desk takes the new line for a spin, and has a great review & photos for us to get a sense of Baron Fig's latest release.

  • Workout - Matt Gemmell - An oldie but goodie from Matt Gemmell's 2014 archive where he goes in-depth on how starting slow with fitness & building-up over time got him to a much better place with his health. I've been running not-super-consistently for a year now, and now that I'm graduated and it's summer a piece like this is good motivation to give health a more important place in my life. I hope it inspires you all as it did me.

  • Fruit focaccia by a lake - What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today - Waking up at 5:30am isn't a weird thing to do at all if your photos turn out this good - and Marta Greber shows proof of this for a photo-link this week. These are gorgeous early-morning shots of food in a natural environment near Berlin. I'm feeling hunger-pains just reading through this one.

  • San Diego's Beachside Discoveries - Life & Thyme - Another of Life & Thyme's signature locale-guides, this one leads us through the thoroughly Californian offerings of San Diego. Maybe I was just hungry when putting together this week's A-Players, but I couldn't leave these delicious looking recommendations out.