Briefly, On The Ulysses 2.6 Update

Yesterday the terrific team over at The Soulmen launched the Ulysses 2.6 Update, complete with new WordPress publishing, Quick-Open on iOS, and a few other nice additions.

I've been part of the TestFlight group that's been using the beta throughout it's development cycle, and it's a terrific update to what I'd call my favorite app.

I don't find myself using the WordPress publishing or the Dropbox support, but I'm loving even the smaller stuff like the Typewriter Mode that lets your text flow up the screen instead of down.

The couple of new keyboard-shortcuts that the Soulmen added to toggle the Dark Mode and Typewriter Mode haven't gone unnoticed by me either. I love me some keyboard-computing goodness. These are the little things that make me love Ulysses so much.

The app is what I consider to be the best writing environment for the most people. It's well-designed, well-equipped with features, is customizable to fit your liking, is developed by an attentive & small(er) team, and all gets out of the way when you need to get down to writing.

Go pick it up on iOS or Mac OS if you haven't already. It's so good.