iPhoto 9/9

A couple of days ago in my thoughts on Wednesday's Apple Event piece, I mentioned that I wanted to show off iPhone photography this fall by posting more here on the blog.

Shooting and editing on my iPhone was what really pulled me into photography as a hobby a couple of years ago, and it's something I'd like to champion here as an easy way to get a little creativity into one's life every day.

So starting today I'll be posting little updates here on the blog in the form of photographs shot on my iPhone. I imagine sometimes they'll have captions, while other times they'll be presented on their own. Whatever floats my boat for each photograph, really.

In an effort to not burn out or feel too robotic about it I'm not setting any hard publishing schedule for myself, but I'll be aiming to share something once every couple days.

Also, since Apple seems to be quite done with the name "iPhoto" for now I thought it would make a nice name for the series.

I hope you guys like the idea. If all goes well this should be an awesome little creative outlet - and I'd love to show everyone just what you can do with the camera you have in your pocket. Now on to today's photo.

This was my breakfast at the café where I work today - water, espresso, and granola. I was up late last night pre-ordering an iPhone, so I needed food & coffee even more promptly than usual. Was very grateful for where I work today.