An Unfortunate Injury and Switching to VSCO Grid

Yesterday, I was playing basketball. I don’t play basketball, I’m utter rubbish at it and to be quite honest it doesnt really thrill me all that much. I just wanted to spend time with some friends. Well, as a barely 120 pound guy, throw me up against another guy whos far closer to 200 than 120 and well, I kinda get bowled over like a pin in a bowling alley. I was charged and fell backwards; catching myself on, you guessed it, my right hand. To spare all the gory details, I’ve either badly sprained or fractured my wrist. They’re not quite sure yet, because as today was easter the normal doctor wasn’t in at the urgent care, and so they weren’t able to diagnose me with 100% cofidence. I’m going back tomorrow, but just to try and help any potential injuries, I’m wearing a brace on my hand. My hand does hurt if I try to do anything with any more than a minute amount of force, but the brace really and truly constricts it’s movement.

On one hand (hah) that’s good because I probably shouldnt be moving it around much, but on the other hand It means that things like tying your shoes, picking things up, putting on clothes, or taking your phone in and out of your pocket become significantly more difficult. Earlier today I was truly upset about it, I was having a hard time dealing with the fact that for the forseeable future I woudnt be able to do a lot of the things I love doing on a daily basis (ie: photography, eating, clothing oneself) without significant hassle. After an afternoon of feeling sorry for oneself and eating probably way too much easter chocolate, I’m now feeling significantly better about the situation, even a little inspired to push on even with the current disability. That photo you’re seeing at the top of this post, well I took it, edited it, and imported it into my MacBook all using my left hand. It’s not an impossible situation, just merely more challenging.

I’m not sure what changed my outlook on the whole thing, but after reading a few interviews from modern creatives over on EmmazedPhotog and watching a couple really well done Vimeo films, I felt inspired to push on and make even better work than I have been. A part of that is I’ve been considering dropping Instagram all together recently, as it makes me focus far too much on likes and followers: things that I don’t think should play a big part in my photography. I’d still like to hear from people on my work and get feedback, but I want to do it in a way where it’s not so much of a popularity contest and merely skin deep. For some reason, the idea of switching to using only VSCO Grid for my daily shots seems very appealing to me. You can still follow people there, but there’s not inidication of how many people you have following you and theres no “like” function. For me I think that would be such a more pure photography medium, and I feel like I could really grow there if I have the determination to break free of the followers and likes addiction that I’ve sort of grown into over the past few months on Instagram. Of course I like getting likes and followers, but I don’t think it’s a healthy thing that is indicative of growth as a photographer.

I’m not saying that I’m going to drop Instagram tomorrow and just never use it again, or that I’ll drop it at all for that matter, but I do think that I should change how I use it and make it much less of a main part of my photographic process. I don’t think it’s helping me as a photographer, and so I’m seriously considering changing how I operate.

That being said, I really want to get out and shoot these next couple days even with my screwed up wrist. It sure as hell doesn’t feel good, but I can still do creative things regardless. Just the fact that I took the picture for this blog post and managed to type the whole damn thing should be evidence of that.

Down but not out.